YOP LIST 2024-2025

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Day 29

This post is coming to you from my home sweet home.  So nice to be back in my own digs.  The drive home was pretty easy.  Hubby did the driving and I did knitting.  Win, Win if you ask me.

We have not unpacked yet and have been home 5 hours.  We are both just totally worn out. Unpacking will happen before we go to bed as I need to do laundry tomorrow.  Our weekend is booked again so we either do stuff tomorrow or on Monday.  I vote for tomorrow so holiday cooking/baking can start next week.

For dinner tonight we opted for some Mexican fast food.  Tomorrow we get back to eating real food again.  While I was waiting in the drive through lane I saw this:

I guess if you have the money to buy a Tesla, you do not need to pay for a license plate.  Normally they at least have a temporary paper plate on the back or in the back window.  Nothing anywhere on this beauty.

Time to go and start back working on my Advent Scarf KAL.  I am only 5 days behind.  Fingers crossed I do not get too stuck on some of these new to me stitches.

Until next time...............happy crafting!


  1. Strange about the license plate...or lack there off. Welcome home. Hope you had a good trip. Nothing like the need to do laundry when you return from somewhere to bring you back to stark reality. Ugh! I too like to knit while hubby drives. He loves to drive and hates to be a passenger...and is in fact a bad one. So, I totally agree it's a win win.

  2. I'm feeling your tiredness! Glad you got home safe and sound. Laundry is pretty mindless...as in I don't mind doing it...lol! I hope you rest up before the whirlwind of Christmas takes hold of you. I can't wait to hear about and see your holiday baking adventures! Have a great weekend!


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