YOP LIST 2023-2024

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

DAY 20

Another day of posting.  I see other bloggers posting daily all year long.  Not thinking I would be able to do that.  I do enjoy doing it for a month but sheesh............365 days in a row?  Nope, not happening.

Yesterday, I wanted to get the heel on my other sock completed.  Here is what happened:

Mission accomplished!  Now on to the foot.  Thank goodness I have made these socks before and can look at the other ones to see how many repeats of the pattern I need before the toe starts.  I should probably mark that down on the pattern this time, huh.

This morning I was looking at the Advent scarf ribbing I had completed last weekend.  I just was not happy with it.  It seemed too loose.  Even though it measured the proper width, it still seemed a bit sloppy.  Pulling out my US size 5 needles, I decided to work it again.  The original size I used was US size 6.  There is only .25mm difference between the two sizes but take a look at the difference in the ribbing.

The bottom fabric has much better stitch definition, right?  The thought of going down to a US size 4 has crossed my mind but, that would make the width quite a bit smaller.  I will stay with the US size 5 (3.75 mm) for now.

The rest of today will see me going to the grocery store to get some breakfast food for the Grand Daughter as she has several sleep overs coming up in the next few weeks.  There is food to be vacuum sealed, a dishwasher to unload and dinner to be cooked.  There will be some down time in there for knitting and puzzle working too.  There still has not been any decluttering done.  That may have to wait until the start of December.

Hubby is out trimming our bushes in the front yard so we can get our Christmas lights out this weekend.  I plan on getting the tree up as well as the Nativity sets.  It will be nice to return from our trip and walk into a decorated home.

Until next time.............happy crafting!


  1. With the snow we are having, I'm very tempted to put up Christmas lights too! But I will try to wait until December when we go to get our tree. :)

    By the way Marsha, about the doggie boots...I'll do a post and let you know, but basically I do them very frugally. I buy polar fleece mittens at the dollar store. Small kid ones for Jack and larger ones for the girls. I cut off the thumb and sew it up, sew on some velcroed elastic to keep it tight around the ankle and top of the "bootie", then usually (if time permits), I cut up some old dishwashing gloves into rounds and sew them on the bottoms for traction. $3 per pair of booties. Jack's are still good for the 3rd winter now, but I have to make bigger ones for the huskies.

  2. I see progress :) I like to post three days a week, I used to post five days a week when I first started - I did like that as well! However, now that I'm going to the gym three times a week and babysit twice a week, less blogging days is much more manageable.

  3. I am with you. To post everyday for a month for a blogging event is do-able and fun but not everyday for a year! My own blogging style is to blog when I have something to blog about rather than blogging about my daily activities. But I have enjoyed reading your posts as you have gone through this exercise.


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