Thursday, July 30, 2020

Getting There

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We are trying to get back to our normal routine.  I started the day by doing 2 loads of laundry.  It was starting to stack up.  Ten days is too long to go between washing days.  The only laundry I kept up on was towels.  I still have sheets to launder as well as towels (again).  That will get me all caught up.  Hopefully, I will be able to do that tomorrow morning.

Lunch, today, was spent with my grand daughter.  We also finished up the movie we started yesterday and then watch another movie after that.  It was nice to spend a couple of days with her.

My SIL got to 'visit' with her mom today.  SIL was required to stay in her car during the visit but at least, they are getting to have visits.

She looks pretty good for 93, right?  My SIL could not believe she was in long sleeves with a sweater and the lapghan I made for her.  It was well over 100 there today too!  But MIL said she was quite comfy.

I am home, once again.  Cooking dinner will commence in about an hour. Not sure what will be served.  We have choices.  There are leftover wings from last night as well as leftover rice from 2 nights ago.  The rice will be made into pork fried rice and if wings are served, I will make a nice garden salad to go with it.  Hubby will get to choose which he wants.

We hit a record today...........................119F!  Are you jealous?  Luckily, our monsoon humidity has left.  Otherwise, it would be much more miserable outside.

I hope you all are staying cool.

Until next time........happy crafting & stay well!


Stefanie said...

WHat a cute lady! Your lapghan is awesome!

Claudia Bugh said...

Your mother-in-law looks amazing! My mom is 94 and still going strong too - they are part of a strong generation. Very heartwarming to see your lapghan being used and enjoyed.

HighlandHeffalump said...

Gorgeous lapghan. I saw on Tinna’s Facebook group that her patterns (including Havana) are half price this weekend only on Ravelry, no code needed it happens at checkout. When my grandad was in his mid-90s and still in his own home we used to have to wear our ‘going abroad’ clothes, because he’d keep the flat hot like being in North Africa or hot hot and he’d still be in a cardigan.

Rain said...

Hi Marsha :)) I'm going to duck before I say this but YES I'm jealous of you 119!!! :) I love that heat and humidity because of our long snowy cold winters...but I did meet a neighbour yesterday who may have me convinced they won't be so bad here! We shall see! Your mother in law looks very cozy! Oh gosh I could go for some good chicken wings!

Caffeine Girl said...

119??? That sounds unbearable. I have to say that I'm glad my son will be leaving AZ in the next couple of weeks. Between the heat and Covid, the state is going through a rough patch.

Retired Knitter said...

119!!! That is very very hot!! I would melt.