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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Wednesday Excitement

What's all the excitement about fear? - Red Shoe Zone

Today was one of the most exciting days we have had in quite a time.  This day started off with a train derailment in Tempe.

Arizona train derailment in Tempe Town Lake described as 'a scene ...

Not only did it derail, it also caught fire (as you can see in the above photo) and part of the bridge collapsed.  This bridge which goes over a lake (see photo below) was built in 1912.

Breaking News: Live coverage of Tempe Town Lake train derailment ...

Normally, this would not concern us.  After all, we are still on a semi lock down and traveling 15 miles is not on our to do list.  However....................it was on my SIL's list to travel today and they closed the freeway she was going to use to get out of town.

So..........................SIL planned to get up, pack her car and be on the road around 10 this morning.  She got the car packed and was leaving by 10:05 but.......................her car battery was DEAD!  She called her insurance company for their roadside assistance and then contacted the Toyota dealership close to our house to get it in there for a battery check. 🔋

The roadside assistance was at my house in about 15 minutes.  They got her car jumped in seconds.  She jumped in and went to the dealership for the battery check.  Lucky for her, the battery was warrantied by the dealership for 36,000 miles and she only has 22,000 miles on her car.  After being at the dealership for 3 hours, she was given a new battery and was ready to begin her 5 hour journey to Las Vegas.  I contacted her hotel and told them she would be a bit late and they said they would hold the room for her.  Phew! 🚙

I spent some time with my Grand Daughter this afternoon.  I took lunch over for her and we watched a couple of movies.

Her 'puppy' is so in love with her.  He is now almost 18 months old and still thinks he is a lap dog.  They are so cute together.

To top all of this off...............our son in Tx called this morning to tell us his A/C was not working.  His home owner's insurance sent out someone to look at the unit and found out the pipes had been installed wrong and they were also plugged.  It is now working again and saved them from having to buy a whole new unit.  👍

I am home now and hubby has suggested purchasing wings tonight, from our favorite wings place.  After the day we had..............I was all for it.  OH....................we hit a high today of 115F (46C).  Let me just say......................IT IS HOT! 🌞

Until next time..............happy crafting & stay well!


  1. Wow! What a train wreck! Glad your SIL got out of town finally and is now safely in her hotel room in Las Vegas. I have a feeling you're going to miss her. Cute picture of your granddaughter and her dog. :)

  2. Some days are just like that!! And so are some years!!!! :-)

  3. That was some excitement at your house! Glad your SIL was able to another battery and for free! I hope she has a safe trip. I thought your husband was going too? Your granddaughter and her dog are precious! Glad your som got his AC fixed without having to shell out for a new one!

  4. That's a cute pic of them together.

  5. 46 Marsha??? I couldn't handle that. We have high 30's (C) with humidexes much higher but really, it's not that hot here and I'm thankful we have A/C! That is a cute picture, I really feel that our dogs fall in love with us. I see that in my Jack's face all of the time! :) Oh the train...that is a terrible disaster.

  6. I’m such a wimp, we’ve had it mostly cool around 14°C here and then yesterday it went to 23°C and I was too hot to carry on gardening. In the south of England they had the 3rd hottest temperature ever recorded in the UK but that was still low 30s...I don’t know how you cope. None of our homes have or need air conditioning, I assume it’s an essential not luxury in Arizona. It’s going to be 18°C today and cloudy so that’s perfect. Cute picture.


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