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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Tuesday Blog

Ilaisa'ane: Blogging Time!

I have a few minutes before I start dinner.  That means I have some time to talk to all of you.

This is the last day my SIL will be at our house.  She leaves tomorrow for Las Vegas.  She will be there for a couple of weeks and then head back home to Denver.  We have had so much fun the past few weeks.  I told her I am soaking up as much 'girl time' as I can.

Yesterday, SIL and I spent about 1.5 hours in the pool.  It was early in the day but it was already over 100F.  It was a bit too long for my body to be out there.  My shoulders are a nice shade of red and feel very hot.  UGH!  I have not had a sunburn for many years.  Normally, I am careful to only spend about 30 minutes at a time in the sun..........for that reason.

After lunch, she and I headed out to pick up some items she needed for her upcoming trip.  Since she is staying in a hotel, she wanted some shelf stable food and a few items for the fridge that will be in her room.  We spent 3 hours going to several stores to obtain everything she needed.  We were so happy to see there were not very many people out shopping.  I guess when the thermometer hits 112F, no one wants to be out and about.

We have spent our evenings watching baseball and movies.  Nice and relaxing.  Tonight we will be heading to my son's so she can say goodbye to them.  We will take dessert over to them too.  There might be a game or two played as well.  We won't stay too late as she wants a good night's sleep before she drives tomorrow.

After she leaves, I want to get back to working on my knitting and crocheting projects.  I have been ignoring them so I could spend time with her.  We don't see each other too often, so I am really SOAKING in the girl time. LOL

There has been some concern from some of you about me going out and about.  The virus numbers in our area are decreasing.  Masks are being worn by everyone who is out and about.  Hand sanitizers are available at most places when you enter and leave and if not, I carry a bottle with me at all times.  I use a clorox wipe on my car after every outing.  In all reality, the only stores I visit are grocery stores.  I was invited to go clothes shopping this past week and I declined.  I am not ready for that yet.  Thank you for your concern, though.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that you care.

There have been several other questions asked over the past 2-3 weeks.  I will take one day this week to answer all the questions, so stay tuned.  

Until next time..................happy crafting & stay well!


  1. You are an outside warrior. I get a bit paranoid when going out and about. And you're a terrific SIL, taking care of her and making sure her needs are met and she has everything she needs.

  2. I read those temperatures and I just can't imagine! You have some mighty stamina, I'm thinking. I start wimpering when I read that we're in the 90's. So good to read about your girl time with your SIL. Backyard pool sounds really wonderful.

  3. I don't look for ways to go out but I certainly go out when I need too. I am careful just like you. We all need to learn how to go about our daily lives with caution. If we follow all the guidelines (masks, hand washing, 6 feet distance and hand sanitizing) and we avoid crowds - we should all be ok. So glad you got to have some fun!

  4. How did I miss this post? I think that was the day I was "beaten to a pulp"...sorry. So glad you've had such a good time with your SIL! Take care of your su nburn...ouch! Stay safe!


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