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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

NaBloPoMo Day 1

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Happy first day of NaBloPoMo.  I am so excited to try this.  If I fail.....................it really isn't a failure but a learning experience.  I always seem to have something to talk about so I don't think there will be an issue with posting something everyday.  The biggest hurdle will be finding the time to post daily.  I have some days coming up where I will not be at home and will need to rely on internet from a hotel room.  There are also days when I will be very busy with church activities and retreats.  Fingers crossed, I will be able to find at least 15 minutes to drop in and say 'hi' to everyone.

Today was a busy one for hubby and myself.  Hubby's car was dropped off at the dealership for it's routine maintenance and paint protection application. This is all part of the original warranty so there is no out of pocket expense on our end.

Once again, we found ourselves at the ENT's office.  Hubby's nose is not cooperating and even bled through the absorbable hemostat that was placed in his nose on Monday.  We did get over 24 hours of a respite in though.

Hubby is now scheduled for electric cauterization tomorrow afternoon at a local out patient surgery center.  He will be knocked out for this procedure and that way the Doctor can really look around and see if there is more than one bleeder in there and get everything done once and for all...........................we hope!  If this doesn't work than it is some type of surgery, which has not been totally explained to us yet.  One of our Grands was worried he was going to have his nose amputated.  LOL  She is so dramatic!

After the Doctors appointment, we decided to do a little bit of shopping since we were on a different side of town than we normally shop in.  I found some treasures.............even though they are not for me.

We stopped at a Super Target and I found these!  My mother has been requesting more of these socks since about March.  They only are carried during the fall and beginning of winter.  She had about 8 pair in her drawer, but they seem to disappear on laundry day.  I do mark them with her name but that doesn't seem to matter.

This time...............I got some fancy marking pens.

Bright silver and gold.  I would think these will show up quite nicely and I am going to really make the lettering BIG and BOLD!

To make double sure her socks come back to her, I also bought this:

We call them ditty bags.  There are 2 bags here and they are also going to have her name written on them in BIG BOLD lettering.  This way she can put her socks in the bags and they can just throw the bag in the washer and dryer and no more lost socks!  If any of them come up missing, there is going to be hell to pay.  These socks are hard to find and only are carried in a 3 month period.  I bought out the store I was at today.  I will be searching other Targets over the next month and if I see anymore, I will be buying them pronto!  It's always nice to have some spares.

I am still working on the Faroese shawl.  That will go with me tomorrow to the Surgery Center.  Keeps my hands busy and my mind from thinking negative thoughts.

I need to go and get all that stuff marked for my mom and then I am going to make a nice dinner for the two of us and then relax for the evening and catch up on some TV programs.

Until Next Time...................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Welcome to the craziness of NaBloPoMo!

  2. You are such an efficient and effective person and a wonderful daughter and wife too. This will teach me to not logon and checkin! I missed your whole week and I love reading your posts! You always motivate me. Great ideas to corral your Mom's socks and I hope all goes well with the hubs.


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