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Friday, November 24, 2017

Day 24

Ahhhhhh...............I am finally home for the day.  Let me start with our celebration yesterday.

This was the place settings for each of us.  This is my mother's china and her turkey napkin rings.  My Daughter in Law promised to use the china for each holiday as long as my mother was alive.  She has kept her word too.

The candlestick holders were also my mother's as were the turkey placemats.  It was a lovely dinner.  Everything tasted so good but I was soooooooo full when we were done.  I kind of just rolled out of my chair.

Yesterday was also the wedding anniversary of the host and hostess of our celebration.  That being said, we offered to take the grand home with us for the night so they could have some alone time and maybe even have a date night.

This morning I had a nail appointment and took the grand with me.  She was anticipating an hour of just hanging around when this happened:

I treated her to a nice pedicure.  She was in dire need of one and loved it.  My normal nail guru was not there (I knew this before hand) so I had a different tech today.  Not super happy with the outcome of my nails and was not informed the price of the 'new' polish I selected was an additional cost.  Will not be going back to that tech but will wait for mine to come back from vacation the next time.  Lesson learned.

After our spa treatment we went to lunch at Panda Express.  She loves that place and I have not issue eating there either.  My hubby is not big on oriental food so when she is with me, we go for it!  As soon as lunch was over we headed off to a black Friday LuLaRoe open house.  We each found several pieces of clothing to compliment our wardrobes and got them at a super duper price.

I had to hurry to get her home.  Her girl scout troop is in a parade tonight and she needed to get her costume and hair done for it.  Her troop is going to be handing out candy and they are supposed to be Grinchs.  It is a light parade, so all the costumes are required to have at least 100 lights on them.  I got to weave lights into her tutu and then help to staple lights onto her mom's sweater.  Dad's sweater got done by Mom, so that was good.

You have got to see this hairdo:

There is a red solo cup on top of her head and pipe cleaners in her braids.  Love it!  Her mom is fantastic at doing hair.

I am not home and have put all my clothing away.  I had a couple of packages in the mail today also. One had leggings in it and the other jewelry for gifts.  That has all been sorted and put away and I am not thinking of dinner.  We brought home leftover turkey for sandwiches and we also got some pumpkin pie from yesterday.  Sounds like my type of dinner tonight.

I have a couple loads of laundry I need to do so I can get our clothes together for our trip.  Hubby would also like for me to bake some more Malachi's cookies for the trip.  I guess I am going to be very busy for the next 36 hours.

Until next time...........................happy crafting! 

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  1. Love the hairdo - "Cindy Lou who who is no more than two!"
    Also loving all the turkey accessories!


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