YOP LIST 2023-2024

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Day 21

Oh my.............it was such a busy day for they hubby and myself.  We left the house this morning around 10 and returned around 3.  We did get a lot of stuff done that was on my 'to do' list though.

I got my blood work done..............I was only 2 months behind in that.  It's not that I am afraid of getting the blood drawn.  I don't mind it at all.  The issue is.......the lab is not convenient to go to and I hate to sit there and wait for my turn.  I was fortunate today.  It was only a 15 minute wait and the lady that pulled my blood was quick and efficient.  I was in and out in about 5 minutes.  WOOHOO!

We left there and headed to Best Buy.  You will not hear me say the name of that store too often.  We have had issues with them in the past and try and avoid them at all costs.  But....Hubby needed a bluetooth mouse to go with his new Laptop he got from me for Christmas.  (Yes, I know it is not Christmas yet but the prices were so great right now and I needed him to pick out the one he wanted)  It also saves me from having to wrap it LOL.

From there we went to the bank.  Hubby wanted to get the $$$ for our trip next weekend.  It didn't take him very long in the bank.  I couldn't believe how quickly he was in and out.  Turns out, he did not have his driver's license on him so could not get any $$$.  I got the pleasure of going in the bank and pulling the money out.  Of course, by this time, hubby is a bit nervous about where his DL is at.  I am pretty sure I know where it is and this means he has been driving without it for almost 2 weeks! 

After that, we headed out to return some supplies that my mom had that she could not use.  The place we had to go to was quite a bit away from my 'normal area' that I travel in.  The lady there was so nice and sweet.  It was well worth the drive and my mom now has a $77 credit on her account with them.  WOOHOO.  That was a win win situation.

By this time it is lunch time.  We both are hungry and in an area we seldom go to.  I remember about a great BBQ place in the town we are in and suggest that for lunch.

This held ice cold home made root beer!  It was fantastic.  Hubby and I are still full from lunch.  Tonight's dinner may be tomorrow night's dinner.  While at this establishment, we actually got to talk to the owner.  What a pleasant and kind man.  We might just have to venture into this city again for some more good eats.

I am hoping we are on the downside of our errand running, but, no.........We stop at a special store to pick up a gallon of Worcestershire sauce so I can make my Chex Party Mix and hubby can make more jerky.  We also found the BBQ cleaning brush there that hubby loves along with a big jar of our favorite dill pickles.  Well worth the stop.

Off we went from there to get our water jugs filled with RO water, for our water cooler.  It must have been 'fill your water jugs day'.  There was a lady in front of us that had 40 gallons worth of water jugs and another gentleman that had 15 one gallon water jugs.  Our jugs are 2 gallons and we have 7 of them.  They were all empty too.  As we were finishing up our filling, another couple came in and they had 5 five gallon jugs to fill.  

Next stop..............Petco to pick up the CET chews for our dogs.  Those chews help keep their teeth clean.  It is the one the Vet recommends for our dogs.  I never worry about them splintering or choking my pups.  They get one a week and it seems to help a lot too.

After that.................the last stop was CVS to pick up my RX for my RA.  I have not really been taking it.  Since I started on the Turmeric, I have not had too much issue with my RA.  I decided to go ahead and pick it up as it is close to the end of the year and a new deductible will be hitting us January 1.  I wanted to go through the drive through but................One of our lovely winter visitors was there.  Normally not an issue but after 10 minutes I decided going inside would be quicker.  I asked them if that car was waiting for their RX to be filled and was told no......they were waiting for the pharmacist to come and talk to them.  Really?  Then why did the pharmacy tech that was filling their bottle hustle over to the window and hand them their drugs?  The pharmacist was on the other side of the room and he never did go over to the window to talk to them.  They were still there when I left!  How rude is that?  I expressed my thoughts (very nicely) and was told there was nothing they could do about that.  First semi-rude person I had met all day.

Hubs and I are now home and I am exhausted.  I did get the dishwasher emptied and have been doing a bit more research on healthy treats for the upcoming holidays.  I have gotten a couple of yummy sounding cookie recipes.  Now I am looking for sweet treats.  Not having much luck though.

The mini sweater will be worked on in a little bit while I watch some mindless TV tonight.  Tomorrow hubby has his final post op check up and we need to stop off at Costco and pick up a few supplies.  I am also going to visit my mom tomorrow so I can enjoy Thanksgiving day with the other part of my family.

Until next time................happy crafting!


  1. oh my goodness your errands are done, and so many! Well done. I make a chex party mix too, and I found some gluten free worchestershire sauce! Our family calls it nuts and bolts! I am glad your RA is not bothering you as much these days. Yay.I also found a knitpick pattern I have with six mini sweaters so I am going to cast on one tonight. You are an inspiration!


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