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Sunday, November 12, 2017


What a beautiful day it is here in Arizona.  We are still 'warm' with the temps in the mid 80's but that is oh so much better than the 110's we had during the summer.  It actually gets a bit chilly once the sun goes down so that is kind of nice too.

I was productive this week.  I don't know how many of you read my blog during the week.  I am posting daily for the month of November.  Some of what I am going to show you was already shown this week, but I am happy that I completed something and want to shout it all over the place

The Faroese shawl is completed, bagged and ready to turn into the prayer shawl ministry.  I finished it up on Friday.

I like how it hugs the shoulders so you don't have to hold onto it to keep it on.  Perfect for someone who is not feeling their best.

Ok, on to newer stuff...............................................

Since I needed something mindless to take with me to the retreat yesterday, I cast on another Faroese shawl.

It is the same Shimmer yarn I used on the red one.  Can you see my mistake?  And no......I am not going to pull it out and start again.  This one is going to be black and white striped.  I am doing 6 inches of each color until it is the length I want it.  I am also going to be changing the bottom of the shawl.  I did not like the 'rib' on the pattern.  Then nice thing about this shawl is.........You can really play with it and add design elements to it as you want.  One of the ladies in my group is going to make her next one with garter and stockinette stripes.

I did have a  little bit of fun today too:

And yes.............the pun was intended.  This is the sweater ornament from the magazine I bought this week.  Is it just too cute?  It took about 2 hours to make because I had to keep referring to the instructions to make sure I was counting rows properly.  I am sure the next one will take less time.  What a great way for me to use up those dribs and drabs of sock yarn I have laying around.  I am going to work on these for the next few days and I hope I can get the ones for the grands done.  If I do and feel like I am not going to burn the pattern, I will make others for friends and the grand's parents.

That is it for crafting......................now onto:

As I had told you, I was at an all day retreat yesterday.  It is a good thing we only have 2 of these a year.  I am always so spent the day afterwards.  We actually start on Friday by setting up the room.  This is quite involved as we are using a classroom and have to remove all the tables and chairs from the room.  Before we move anything, we take photos of everything so we know where to put it when we put it back.  We also put tape on the floor to mark where the desks go.  It took us 2 hours on Friday to set up the rooms.  (We also have a room we feed everyone in and need to set up tables for them to eat at)

We get to the retreat about 6:30am to make sure we have time to get coffee and food set up before the group shows up.  Once they get there it is non stop until we leave at 10pm.  Unfortunately for us, the schools alarms automatically come on at 10pm so we had to leave and go back this morning to put everything back the way it was.  

Hubby and I got to bed about 11 and we were back up around 5.  We managed to make 7am Mass and then went over to the school after that and worked on getting everything just perfect.  We finally got back home this morning around 9:30.  T

To say we were worn out is an understatement.  Hubby has been napping off and on all day and I managed to get an hour nap.  This is the first time hubby has really been out and about in almost 2 weeks.  It has taken it's toll on him too.  He said he just doesn't feel well and wants to do nothing for the rest of the day.

We had a little scare this morning with him as his nose started 'leaking' a bit but we realized it was just old stuff coming out.  I don't know if we will ever not worry about his nose LOL.

I did get a loaf of bread made and also made hard boiled eggs.  That and the little sweater have been my BIG achievements for the day.  It has been perfect since hubby has football on and my team has already played and lost. (sad face)  We will probably watch a movie this evening just to break up the monotony.  Hopefully by tomorrow we will be back to our normal boring selves.  

On a sad note........................we lost a dear person early this morning.  His sister is in our prayer shawl group.  She is a dear, dear person.  I saw her at Mass this morning and just burst into tears when I saw her.  She had been her brother's caretaker for years.  He will be missed as he would come with her to our prayer shawl meetings and always have a smile and a warm welcome for all of us 'noisy' ladies.  I am glad he is not longer in any pain and does not have to go through anymore treatments for his cancer.  So I am sure there will be funeral this week that I will be going to.

That is all from this side of the world.

Until next time................happy crafting!!!!!!!!


  1. So sorry for the sad news, Marsha. And while I'm sorry you and your dh are so exhausted, I am amazed at what all you do! You know the saying, "If you want something done, asking someone who's busy"? That's what I think of sometimes when I read about yours (and some others') various undertakings. I hope you have a good week - even if a funeral is part of it. I'm glad you and your friend (and many who loved this man) have a hope that this world is not all there is is.

  2. Sorry for the sad news. Life can just be so hard sometimes.
    Your tiny sweater is so precious. I have made tiny hats and tiny socks, but I want to try a tiny sweater for christmas decorations too. I am enjoying following your daily posts. You are doing great.

  3. So sorry about your friend's passing. I can't believe how much you and your hubby do....no wonder you were exhausted! I'm not sure I could go that long....just Walmart exhausts me! LOL! YOur shawls are lovely and I think the black and white will be stunning. I made some mistakes on my sweater but no one will notice it or yours either. Those tiny sweaters are so cute. I think I will make them for my grands too as my other ideas needed more materials. I've seen little hangers that are cute for them too. Glad you got to kick back today....you both needed it and deserved it! Take care!

  4. I'm so sorry about your friend.
    I hope you and your husband recover quickly after your lovely but tiring weekend. Love your shawls.


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