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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Day 8

It is a great day 8 here for us.  Hubby was given good news by his ENT today.  He has gone from restricted to light duty.  Still no lifting or bending over but he is now allowed to do light housekeeping.  He is allowed to go to the gym but only to walk the treadmill slowly (No heavy breathing allowed) and he can do some strength training with super light weights.  We decided to wait on going to the gym then until he can work out like he is used to.  We might just have to do walks around the neighborhood instead.

I got a manicure today.  It felt good to just relax and let someone wait on me for an hour.  I can tell I have been stressed a bit lately LOL.

Hubby and I went out to lunch at an new to us restaurant.  After that we went to Hobby Lobby to pick up a couple of things.  Then off to Barnes and Noble to pick up a magazine I wanted (thanks Sandra!) and then we went to Great Clips for us to both get hair cuts.  We are now all purty and are ready to just kick back for the rest of the day/evening.

Tonight's dinner is in the crockpot:

I know, it doesn't look like much in this photo.  But it smells divine.  I still need to make some rice for it go over.  Here is a peak at the recipe:

Super easy to make.  I love crockpot meals and will be making another one for tomorrow's dinner.

I was asked what a 'white' sweet potato was.  Here is the story.  When we went to the nutritionist, we were told sweet potatoes were wonderful for us and to replace spuds with them.  Then she asked if we ever ate sweet potatoes.  We of course got all pumped up and said of course we did and we eat them often.  Then she asked what color the 'meat' of the potato was.  Found out.................orange meated potatoes are really yams.  Here is a photo to show you the difference:

Image result for sweet potato vs yam

See the difference?  So when you order sweet potato fries, you are actually getting yam fries.  Sweet potato pie?  It is yam pie.  Oh my, 64 years I have been lied to.  LOL  Sweet potatoes are not quite as sweet as a yam and they do take a bit longer to cook.  But they are oh so good and good for you.

I mentioned we went to Barnes and Noble today for a magazine.  Sandra (Sam) had this on her YOP post on Sunday and I fell in love with it.  She got hers at Walmart and after looking at 5 Walmarts, I gave up and went to a book store to pick it up.  I was going to order it online, but they wanted $5.45 to ship it!  No thank you!  I was out and about today anyway so I picked it up and have already gone through it and found several items I want to make.

That pretty much covers my day.  I wanted to leave you with a couple of photos of my precious pups.

Luna, she has claimed possession of this blanket.  My friend, who just passed away, made this for me.  Luna loves it and will do everything she can to get her brother off of it so she can hog it.

Enrique, he is the instigator of trouble in the house.  This guy is attached to my hip.  I can not even go to the restroom without him sitting outside of the door waiting for me to come out.

No, they are not related.  They did come from the same rescue but 2 years apart.  Both of them were found wandering the streets of Phoenix.  Both were extremely skinny when we got them and to this day, Luna jerks every time we start to pet her.  Makes my heart hurt to think of the abuse they suffered.  Both of them were just about 1 or 2 years old when they were found.  Luna is now 9 and Enrique is now 6.

OK, I need to go and make that rice.

Until next time.......................happy crafting!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I enjoyed visiting your lovely cozy and crafty place my friend!
    heartiest best wishes for your hubby's health!

    dinner looks delicious as you mentioned it.

    loved the blanket and your pets are adorable

  2. So glad you found the magazine and like it. What projects are you thinking about? I liked that green one button cardigan and there were some cute fingerless mitts and so much more!
    Thank you for the explanation of the white sweet potatoes! I am 68 and never knew that and wonder where I can find them. I will be on the hunt. Also, thank you for the recipe...I pinned it and will go to Skinny Taste for the rest. Your day sounded so nice. I spent the day working my budget....depressing! LOL! But I will still squeeze out some treats for myself...don't you worry! LOL! Glad you treated yourself as you have been running around caring for others quite a bit more than usual lately. So glad to hear hubs is on the mend..really this time. After budgeting yesterday, You Tube popped up with a new to me podcast from The Budget Knitter (coincidence? I don't think so!)
    He's in Las Vegas and knits and crochets. He has a little dog just like yours....maybe they're related? LOL! Your 2 are so cute! Mine are all rescues too and they each have their own issues but then so do I so no judgement there! Have a great rest of your week! I have nothing to blog about as I'm going through paperwork, budgeting and cleaning my desk and family room...getting rid of clutter or at least trying to organize it and when I get tired of that I throw it out! LOL! Remember, you're my role model!

  3. Such cute pups! And reading about your manicure makes me realize I have to book one. My nails are looking very sad and neglected. Thanks for the reminder.


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