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Friday, November 3, 2017

Day 3

Hello again.  I am happy to say, hubby and I made it through the night without any incidents. The next 36 hours will be the telling.  If we can keep him from bleeding until tomorrow night, we will be home free....................we hope and pray!  He says the only thing that really is irritated is his throat from the intubation tube.  We can deal with that no problem.  Lots of warm tea with honey seems to fix him up pretty good.

So today I am working on the story board for the Prayer Shawl Ministry table.  It will be set up next weekend after the 4pm Mass.  I pulled a couple more photos off the internet today.

I was going to take photos during our meeting yesterday, but since I could not stay, I decided to just find some good ones on the internet.  I could not believe how many wonderful photos there were  The one above really is nice to let everyone know what table they are at.

This one shows the group praying over the shawls.  We do this every meeting and then we had them over to the coordinator who then has our priest or deacon bless them before they are mailed to their recipients.

Tonight, I will be going to a play at the local Grands school.  They are doing Seusical Jr, the musical.  Of course she is in it.  She LOVES drama and tries out for every play they have.  Hubby is staying home and being good and not doing anything!  He is already twitching and wanting to do something around the house.  I may have to duct tape him to his recliner while I am gone.  LOL

This afternoon, I will be doing a quick visit to my mom.  I have things I need to deliver to her or I would bow out from going.  I really hate leaving hubby here.  I have that great fear that the bleeding will start again and I will be gone and he will have a mess to deal with.  Two weeks of bleeding and it is hard to think that it really might be over.

I am hoping to get a bit more work done on the prayer shawl today.  Although the story board is my first priority.  Once I have the lay out for that, I think I will be a little more relaxes and the stress level might calm down a bit.  MAYBE  LOL.

That is all for today.

Until next time............................happy crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. A lovely idea praying over the shawls. The photo of the hands and shawls is heart-warming.

  2. GLad hubs is doing well and I pray he continues to do well. Very nice pics from the internet and I did not realize you prayed over the shawls but it makes sense...duh!


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