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Monday, October 30, 2017


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Yup, I feel like I am living in a revolving door.  Hubby and I spent 6 hours at the Emergency Room today.  I won't bore you with all the gory details.  We are quite hopeful not to be going back.  His nose has been packed with absorbable hemostat material.  Look it up, it's cool stuff.  We have a follow up Friday with his ENT and pray it will be the last time we see him.

I did get some great knitting done today though.  I have cast on Faroese.  It is super easy to memorize.  No need to pay close attention while knitting away on it.

I also cast on for Daughters scarf 

It called for a crochet cast on.......little problem........I crochet left handed and knit right handed.  Doesn't work so well.  I talked to my knitting guru and he said to go ahead and do a long tail cast on.  I did that.  It take a while to cast on 414 stitches lol.  I also have my knitting guru coming to my home this week to help me with the pattern.  It is written in a way that has me totally confused.  We only live about 2 miles apart.  How nice to have him close. Yes, I do pay him for his time and wisdom.  It is well worth it.  He has never made me feel stupid or ignorant when he corrects me in my knitted thinking.  That, to me, is worth a fortune.

We have settled in for the evening.  I did not get a darn thing done today that was on my to do list.  I am going to have to cram a bunch of things in tomorrow morning.  I need to visit my mom tomorrow afternoon and pick up the Grand after her play practice and help her with homework, so the morning will see me rushing around to grab groceries, get water for our cooler, clean bathrooms, do some laundry and make sure hubby has what he needs while I am gone.  He is on lifting restrictions and was told to relax until Friday.  That leaves it all to me.  If I can keep him out of the ER, we will be golden.

OK, gonna sit back, watch some TV and knit on the shawl.

Until next time...............happy crafting!!!!!!


  1. So sorry. Nose bleed and issues are so disruptive. I hope you have some FUN today on Halloween. Much deserved

  2. I love your new shawl pattern...I looked at it when you said it was easy to memorize...those are the kind of projects I like! I had no idea you were posting so much this week and I wasn't online much. I hope hubby gets better soon...I know it must be stressful for both of you. I so love that yarn your daughter chose...I can't wait to see you knitting with it. Lucky you to have your very own knitting consultant!


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