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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Mid-Week update

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Yup, see that photo at the top of this update?  I am tired of seeing that sign.  As you know, I had hubby at the ER early Saturday morning.  We thought things might settle down after that.  NOPE!  It continued and the longest time we had without and epitaxy (nose bleeding) was 31 hours.  I thought we were home free and then................BOOM!!!!!!!!!  The mother of all bleeders started.  Before you ask.......................NO, he is not on blood thinners OR an aspirin regimen!  I told him to get his happy bum into the car and we were going to a different ER this time.  We got there and within 15 minutes he was being seen by a super nice PA (Physician Assistant)  He thought he had it stopped after about 30 minutes and then as soon as hubby got up to walk out..........................more bleeding.  This went on for 5 hours.  (Good thing I didn't have any plans for the day LOL)  They finally go him stopped (without having to pack his nose) and we went home.

I was going to cancel my plans with my daughter that night but hubby insisted I go out with her.  We had planned on going to dinner then to the LYS for a little fiber therapy.  Daughter does not knit or crochet but loves me to make things for her.  We had a lovely dinner at a Mexican restaurant and had a lot of great conversation.  We got quite a few belly laughs during dinner too.  It also helped, we had the absolute best waitress ever.  We walked into the LYS and you would have thought we had interrupted and hush hush conversation there. All eyes turned to us like we were in the wrong place.  Didn't stop us though.  We barreled our way in and started talking to everyone and asking questions about patterns and yarn.  Pretty soon, we were the life of the party LOL.  Daughter found something that she was just dying for me to make for her so with my permission, she purchased all the supplies I would need.

This scarf out of this wool....................and yes, it is wool.  I will wear my knitting gloves while making it for her.  I'm the good step mom!  I am looking forward to making it as it has a couple of new stitches I have never done before.  The instructions are pretty good but I will probably pull up a you tube video also, just to make sure I understand it.  This yarn was not cheap and I don't want to mess it up.

I walked out of there with 4 skeins of sock yarn.  Bet you didn't see that coming, did you?  I was going to take a photo of them but when I went into my craft room..............Schnikies!!!!!  It was a mess and so I decided to get to putting it back to order.  (Note to self: no more of letting grand child mess with the yarn 'just for fun')  I now can walk in there and go right to the area of the room I need.  Let me show you what I mean:

This is all my worsted weight yarn, other than the upper left cubbie.  That is my lace and specialty yarns.  All my patterns are on the top of this storage unit.

This is all my DK weight yarn.  It is hard to tell, but these are stacked 3 to 4 deep (not the bottom shelf, that is single file)  I have so much here and I really want to get back into making spring sweater tees for me to wear.

Here is my sock yarn.  See the white yarn in the middle shelf?  That is 2 of the skeins I bought and the black and white skein to the left of them is another one I bought.  The top 2 shelves are stacked 3 deep again.  I can make socks for quite a while and never run out.

The sad thing is:

The 2 small bags are full of sock yarn and the larger back is full of worsted weight.  These are being donated to the prayer shawl ministry ladies.  I had way more than I could ever use.

It sure feels good to have the completed.  I got all my needles put away in their proper places and all the patterns I had used are now safely in page protectors and in their respective folders.  This will help me so much when I am in a hurry to pick out some yarn and a pattern.

I have some finished items, but will hold off until Sunday to put them on my blog.  I am hoping to have one more item completed by Sunday too.  But in order to do that I need to be home to work on it.  It is a shawl and it has quite a bit of lace on it and I need to not be interrupted while working on it.

Tomorrow, hubby has an appointment with ENT (ear, nose and throat) Doctor.  We have had a pretty good day today.  There have been a couple of times when he had a bit of blood, but it stopped very quickly for us.  PTL!  Hopefully, tomorrow will be the end of it and we can go back to a normal life.  He has not been allowed to do any of his normal housework or even been allowed to leave the house to go to the store, just in case he would have a little 'accident'.  It's not nice to bleed all over grocery stores.  LOL

That is all for today.  I need to get back to my shawl I am working on so I can complete it.

Until next time.....................happy crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! Is he weak from the loss of blood? That is awful what he's had to go through. I'm sure you will both be very glad to see the ENT doc tomorrow. I wish you well and let us know how it goes. I will say prayers for your hubby. I'm sure it has not been fun for him. Thank goodness for cell phones as he could call you if necessary but you could go out with your daughter to dinner and a LYS! What fun! The yarn she bought I have been eyeing that exact colorway for over a year now. I need to get it one of these days....I just love it! Her scarf is going to be beautiful and how nice of you to make it for her! My craft room is coming up in the very near future....right now you would just call it a 'junk' room! LOL! Enjoy your knitting...I'm loving my sweater knitting and hope to have the 2nd sock finished by Sunday...wish me luck! Hugs ~ Sam

  2. I do hope he gets better soon and they figure out what the heck is triggering the nose bleeds. What a horrible situation.

    On a nice note, your yarn shelves look fabulous. And your dinner sounded really nice! :)

  3. How scary to deal with so much blood. I hope his doctors are able to do something about that and find out what's going on. That scarf pattern will be fun in what looks like Zauberball? Glad you were able to get out.
    Thank you for dropping by. I made sure to move the rotary cutter slowly and up against the quilting ruler. It wasn't bad at all once I got going.


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