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Sunday, October 29, 2017


 Hello my blog followers.  It is a beautiful day here in the deserts of Arizona.  We actually are going to be below 90 degrees starting tomorrow and looks like it is going to stay that way.  Today will only be 91 but the nights are getting into the high 50's and low 60's.  Very pleasant weather for us desert rats.

I have been busy this past week...............and not just with the hubby and his never ending nose bleeds.  Nope, I actually got another shawl off the needles and I steamed blocked 2 of them this afternoon.

First up:

Miami Vice.  This was a pretty fun knit and went quickly.  If I make it again, I will not use such a soft yarn.  It was a bear to steam block and since it is acrylic, I had to be careful not to melt it too.  It is going to the prayer shawl closet and will be marked as a small shawl.

Next item off the needles:

Grainne by Knitterarium.  This is a lovely shawl but once again, I will choose a different type of yarn when I make it again.  It is a fingering weight shawl, which is fine, but the plain yarn I used for the mesh areas is too springy.  This too, is going into the prayer shawl closet at church and will be marked as small because of the small depth of it.

That means...................my needles are open for another shawl.  I will peruse patterns this afternoon.  I have plenty of yarn to make shawls with, just want to find a pattern that will speak to me and then find the right yarn to go with it.  I might decide to do a crocheted shawl this time.  I received some lovely patterns from fellow prayer shawl members and would like to try them out.

My Petty Harbour socks have been stagnant while I worked on the shawls.  I still have one more shawl to increase in size.  I should probably get to that one before I cast on a brand new one, huh.  

Hubby update:  We are doing better.  The only time he has anymore bleeding is about 3 in the morning and it only lasts for about 5 to 10 minutes and is a very minute amount of blood. We decided to wait until Monday and then he will call the Dr to see if he wants to let it ride or if he wants to see him again.  Hubby really does not want to go back to the ER.  He doesn't want to go back to the ENT either but he needs to let him know what is going on.  If we can make it through one night without incident, it would be lovely.  I would really like to have 1 night of uninterrupted sleep.

That is all for today.  Wednesday, I will be doing daily updates for the month of November.  I have not heard of anyone doing the NaBloPoMo 'officially' this year.  But I thought it would be fun to see if I could actually do a daily update.  No matter how small it may be.  Anyone want to join me with it?  It could be fun.

Until next time.........................happy crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Both shawls are so pretty, Marsha. Glad to hear that your DH is doing better. What a worrisome thing, having a regular bloody nose. Don't know that I'm up to posting every day, but just hearing about NaBloPoMo makes me want to try posting a bit more to my blog. November is as good a month as any to try. We'll see if I actually make that happen ;^)

  2. I will likely be blogging everyday in November as I am editing my novel for nanowrimo and will post small updates on my progress. Both of your shawls are lovely and the recipients will be very lucky indeed.

  3. Sending prayers to your hubby too and hoping the Doctor can sort out the problem quickly.

  4. Hi Marsha :) The shawls are very pretty :) I'm glad you got some knitting in, it must have been relaxing and grounding! I hope your hubby is doing much better. I'm with him though, I hate ER's and doctors! Good luck on the daily blogging! I don't think I could do it!

  5. Your shawls are lovely. If you want to crochet a shawl, have you thought of the "Going to Wales" pattern by Sandra Paul? It's free on her blog "Cherry Heart". Hope your husband will be better soon, this must be so hard on you both.

  6. Love your shawls! I wish I would have 'checked in with you about the NaBlog Posting month but then again....I am so busy this time of year....I know...excuses, excuses! LOL!


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