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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


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It's our last day with the Grand.  I have no plans for today and don't need them as she had her best friend spend the night and they entertain each other quite well.  They both have homework to do so that will be priority #1 since they go back to school tomorrow.  Hubby will help them with their Math while I sit and look cute lol.

I did make a loaf of bread last night.  The girls are looking forward to fresh homemade toast and jam this morning.  As for dinner last night........we ordered pizza.  I was exhausted.

I took the grand to the library as planned and she loved it.  Afterwards, she wanted to walk around downtown.  It is only a mile long but when you walk it all in 95 degree heat......it seems to be 5 miles.  She wanted to go into the antique shops (surprised me) and I found the perfect anniversary gift for hubby in one of them.

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Wedding by Jack Black.  He was an artist out of Tucson.  Hubby and I met him and toured his studio.  We have several of his pieces.  He passed away in 2002 and all his molds were destroyed.  His daughter, Lois, has taken over his studio now.

Back to yesterdays adventures.  After walking around for about 2 hours, we went for lunch at a local bar and grill.  The child put a half pound hamburger away as well as french fries! We then stopped at McDonalds and grabbed a McFlurry for desert and she scarfed that down too.

We went to see my mom for a little while then went to check on Grands cat and fish and picked up the bff.  It was a nice break for me. I got some down time to do dishes and pick up around the house a bit.  Hubby had class last night so I truly had down time.  I even got to knit on my socks for a bit!  I also got to read everyone's blogs and made comments.  It was very pleasant.

The girls have just gotten up, so will go make their breakfast and then get cleaned up and tackle my day of laundry.  There will also be crockpot cooking so I can make taquitos tonight for the family.  I doubt the parents will have had dinner before coming home.  It's always nice to come home to a home cooked meal after eating out for 5 days.

Until next time.........happy crafting!!!


  1. Hi Marsha :) Sounds so busy...gosh I remember the days in high school when my friends and I would go to McD's and have 3 cheeseburgers each and fries at 4pm, then go home and eat dinner at 6pm lol...good old days? ;)

    Can you post your slow cooker taquitos recipe when you have the chance?

  2. You are such a great grandma! She must be growing...remember those days when you couldn't get enough to eat or enough sleep?
    I wonder why the daughter destroyed all the molds? I'm sure your husband will love the gift. The taquitos sound good...I'm hungry now.


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