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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Just because I can

Good Thursday to all of you.  It is a great day and the dark cloud that was hanging over my head for a couple of days has disappeared.  Nothing but sunshine following me around right now.  

Last time I wrote, I was getting ready to go and pick up Grand Daughter from school.  Actually I was going to pick her up after her volleyball game...............which I got to watch.  It was a good game even though they lost both games.  After the game I noticed she had something in her hand that made me so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image result for flute

The missing flute has been found.  It was in her Spanish classroom.  Don't ask...................Seems Spanish is 2 periods after band and she just kind of forgot to pick up the case when she left that class.  One of her 5th grade friends over heard GD talking about loosing her flute and mentioned she had seen a flute case in the Spanish classroom.  This is one of the joys of going to a small school where everyone knows everyone. Her parents were extremely happy also.

Wednesday, I got the privilege to pick up GD from school again and this time we got to go to her house where she did homework and I worked on my Petty Harbour socks.  It was a nice quiet evening.  She is so fun to be with and cracks me up with some of the things she says.  She also showed me some of the songs and choreography from the musical she is in at school.  They are performing "Seussical".  It looks so cute.  Of course we will go to it.

Last night I worked on the prayer shawl again while watching my Diamondbacks win their way into the play offs!  They have a 5 game series with the Dodgers starting on Friday.  Fingers crossed for this.  The Dodgers are pretty good this year and our pitching crew is not looking good right now.  I am going to make sure all my Dback shirts are clean and I will be cheering them on from my living room with my team shirts on!

This morning was Prayer Shawl Ministry.  Once again, we had a great time there.  The ladies are so great to be with.  There is always a mixture of laughter and tears each week.  But it is still wonderful to be with ladies that love to craft as much as I do.  I turned in the lapghans I had sewn together.  I still have one more to continue working on to make it larger. I picked up another skein of yarn from our yarn closet and will try and get it completed by next week.  It felt good to get all those other lapghans out of the house.  They sure did take up a large amount of space.  There were actually 7 of them.

Hubby is picking up lunch for us today.  After we eat I am heading over to Macy's to get my Mom's cosmetics she needs as well as some of for me.  It is bonus time at the Clinique counter.  Neither of us wear much make up, but I do like 2 of their items and she likes one of their lotions.  It will keep us both set until spring when they have their next bonus time. 

Tonight, we have adoration at our cancer shrine/prayer chapel.  I will work on the prayer shawl while there.  It is an hour of nice quite time and I can usually get quite a bit done while praying at the same time.

That is all for today.  

Until next time.....................................happy crafting!


  1. Nice to catch up with you Marsha. Life has been insane lately! But things are getting back to normal. Sorry I've been missing your posts!!! I tried to play the flute in high school, but didn't have the "wind" for it! I ended up on piano. I wish now I'd kept it up. One day I'd like to get a nice piano and teach myself again!

  2. So glad she found the flute! IT sounds like you have a great relationship with your grand daughter...what fun! You are so busy...I would be exhausted if I did all that you do! LOL! Bless you and all your ministries.


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