Thursday, April 9, 2020

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday - All Saints Episcopal of Selinsgrove

Maundy Thursday also know as Holy Thursday in the Judeo Christian community.  It seems pretty strange not to be going to Mass tonight, or tomorrow night or this weekend for Easter.  Thank goodness, our Parish will be streaming the services on YouTube.  I feel for our Priest who will be conducting the services without anybody in the pews.  How strange that must be for him.

We were supposed to have rain yesterday.  I waited all day for said rain.  This is as close as we got.

It threatened but no rain. (sigh)  My joints said it was coming but then they lied too.

As you know, I have been making masks to wear when out in public. While in my craftroom,  I noticed something happening to my Thanksgiving Cactus.

It is blooming AGAIN!  This is the third time since Thanksgiving.  It sits in a west window in my craftroom.  I am quite pleased with how much this plant has grown in the past 2 years.  

I have more masks to make yet today.  My Daughter In Law, who works in a Doctor's office, text me today and asked if I could make her some masks too.  They can not even get masks for their office!  I told her I would be happy to make them.  She is going to drop off an old flannel shirt for me to use as a 'filter' for her masks.  I did not use anything in the ones for hubby and I.  I don't think I could handle the mask if it was any harder to breath in.

I did get to use one of my masks today.

Waiting in line at the drug store to pick up a prescription for the hubby.  I also had to go to the produce store and the Walmart Neighborhood Market.  Menus were made today for the next 10 days and I needed exactly 6 items!  Not too bad.  I was in and out of each store within 15 minutes.  

Hubby went to the Doctor this morning.  His lungs are clear and the Doctor just gave him an RX for an antibiotic.  Of course, hubby didn't ask him why.  (eye roll)  I didn't go, as I thought it would be better not to add more folks to their waiting room than was necessary.  But, the Dr did not think it was anything to worry about.

It is a gorgeous day outside today.  I am glad I got out in it for a little bit.  The rest of today will be finishing up some laundry, making masks, knitting on hubby's socks and making a nice dinner for us.  I will open the window in my craftroom while working on the masks.  I love getting fresh air into the house.

Anything new and fun happening with you today?

I will leave you with this:

Until nexgt time...........happy crafting & stay well!


Retired Knitter said...

Everything is so different now. Strange times we live in.

karen said...

I'm waiting for masks my sister made me to arrive in the mail. I'm hoping that my glasses do not fog up with them....I wore a mask bandana at the grocery store and it was a big big fail. I fiddled with it so much I probably smeared virus everywhere on my mask/face. Love the photo of you!!! Isn't it funny how men don't ask any questions or the important ones?

Sam I Am...... said...

You always get so much done! Your mask is cute. Your husband is taking an antibiotic and he doesn't know why? LOL! I's call the doctor back! LOL! I love the quarantine coffee! Stay well!

Stefanie said...

Yay on your cactus blooming again. I don't know if mine will ever again b/c the cats bite the leaves sometimes.