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Sunday, August 23, 2020



Hello!  It is that time of week again to show y'all what happened in my crafting life this past week.

Hubby's HES socks got quite a bit of love this week.  They are finally at the same point.  You can see the progress keepers on each of them.  That is where they were last Sunday.  I need to knit another 3 inches before I start the heel.  Hubs likes his socks loooong.

The cross stitch did not get any love this week.  

So, what do you work on when it is 115 outside and your A/C is not pulling the humidity out of your house?   You work on a worsted weight blanket, of course.

I added about 3.5 inches to the Havana blanket, this past week.  I have started my 6th color of yarn.

The white spot is where I was last Sunday.  It is now about 17 inches long.

I am pleased with the color layout I chose.  The colors will repeat throughout the remainder of the blanket.  My goal for this week is to complete the rest of the orange color and then add the last color and make a bit of progress on that one too.

As for our A/C....................the part needed to make it work properly (pulling the humidity out of the air) has arrived and will be installed on Tuesday!  I can not tell you how excited I am for this repair.  Our humidity level in the house is running at 50% and above.  If I wanted to live in that kind of humidity I would move to Florida or New Orleans!  I live in Arizona because I enjoy the dry weather we have.  UGH!  The past few weeks have not been much fun.  My little fan by my chair is running 90% of the time just to keep me 'dry'.

This little guy is my best friend LOL.  It is very quiet when it runs and puts out quite a nice breeze, even on the lowest speed.  I should probably give it a name.  Any suggestions?

The rest of the day I will be working on menus, grocery list for produce, making a loaf of bread and of course working on crafting.  Since we got up at 5 this morning (for church) there might be a little snooze also happening.

Until Next Time............................Happy Crafting & Stay Well!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well Marsha, the first name that came to mind is "Sir Blows A Lot" lol...I'm glad you're getting your A/C fixed...we've had days with 70% humidity in the house and it's unbearable. Your blanket is beautiful! And those socks! Great colours!! :) "Lefties Rule" :)))

  2. I am glad your A/c is almost fixed. I like Rain's comment about naming your little fan...Sir BLows-a-lot. lol. Your havana is gorgeous. I really want to start one, but I am so bad at choosing colours. However, I need to make an order soon - so I will have to get down to brass tacks. Stay cool!

  3. I wish you well trying to survive Arizona without A/C. Oddly enough, we ran out of propane this week. Fortunately we don't need the propane too much in the summer normally. My husband has been heating the pool much hotter than he did in the past and ran us out. We survived for a day without hot water and gas for cooking.

  4. Oh goodness I think I just said last week how do people cope with AC that’s broken. I just checked and our humidity on our Nest thingy says 57% but that’s maybe because I just had a super hot bath and didn’t open the windows as it’s moth invasion time of year. I’ll check it again tomorrow. We obviously don’t have or need AC in Scotland for the 5 days a year it’s hot. Anyway, I’m waffling...your Havana looks brilliant in those colours, I really like the consistent background colour. I am surprised in all that heat your husband likes looong socks. But I guess everywhere you go has the air con on.

  5. Wow, that blanket is SO beautiful! I also work on blankets and sweaters all summer. It'll be cold here eventually (November).

  6. Well our AC is working but I have small fans all over the house - one in the kitchen because no matter what I am doing (unless just sitting in a chair) I have a tendency to break out in a sweat. I guess we could turn the AC down from 73 to 70 - but just don't want to pay that electric bill. I live in the mid-Atlantic area and humidity is a fact of live (an icky fact!)

  7. I love those socks and you got as much done on 2 as I got done on 1! LOL! Your Havana blanket is beautiful and it looks like you are really enjoying working on it. I would call your fan "Flo". It sounds like you have had Arkansas weather inside your house! Didn't you just get that HVAC unit is the last couple years? Actually, it has been so hot here that it burns up the humidity. It's also very dry here which I don't like because that means 'fire danger'. I am hoping the hurricane Laura brings us some rain.
    Take care, stay well and enjoy your Havana!

  8. love the socks and the blanket! I would wilt if my AC went out, we just installed a whole new system a year or two ago so I have many years before that happens. Why does the AC go out on super hot days???

  9. I just stepped outside to water my plants and when I came back in 20 minutes later I was about done in. Not sure it hit 90 degrees, but wowza - the sun was hot!!! I love the colors you're using on your Havana. Beautiful!

  10. Oh I am excited about the air conditioner being fixed for you. My mom lives in Miami and I always say stepping out is like walking into a furnace wearing a soaking wet wool blanket. Oppressive.

    Havana is beautiful. Really enjoying the colors unfolding.

  11. We are so blessed to have AC; we would have died w/out it during this last heatwave. That blanket WIP is amazing. Your hubby's so lucky he has a devoted wife who knits him fun socks.


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