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Monday, August 10, 2020

Hey There!

 It's Too Damn Hot

So, what is going on in your area today?

I can tell it is August.  The heat here is making me cranky.  We have had 35 days over 110F so far and they are predicting 10 more days of it before going down to 109F (cool wave LOL).  Our monsoons were non existent other than a couple of weeks of higher than normal humidity for us.  At least our humidity is down to 9% now.  But it is still brutally HOT! 

So, what do you do when it is this hot outside?  Stay inside and knit, crochet, work on counted cross stitch and drink lots of cold water.  Why am I not going into our pool?  It is to hot to go during the day.  Our UV index is so high that your skin can burn in under 10 minutes.  Even with sunscreen on, I would only be able to be out there for 30 minutes before I would start to burn.  Night swimming is the best option.  But.............then you have mosquitoes to deal with.  YIKES!  See?  I am cranky!

Last night I was getting ready to make dinner when I discovered I did not have any Old Bay Seasoning or curry.  It was the only spice used in the recipe I had planned to use.  This is when it is always good to have a back up plan for meals.  Here is what we ended up eating.

Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers.  I always have jalapenos in the fridge and had just bought a pound of bacon this week.  It was just enough to satisfy our hunger.  I had also made a loaf of bread so if we were still hungry, we could have had a half sandwich.  We were both satisfied with the 4 poppers each.

So, tonight I am making last nights scheduled meal.  Creamy shrimp and celery salad.  Here is the link.  I mixed it up right after lunch so it could marinate in the fridge.  We will have a slice of that yummy homemade bread with it too.

In good news, I talked to my Texas family.  Well, I talked to the parental units there.  We have not been talking often since both of the parents were preparing for retirement from US Navy.  They are both now retired.  Our son has taken a job at Home Depot selling appliances and our Daughter in Law is looking for a job.  It was good to talk to them and get updated on all the grand kids there.  I have asked for photos.  We will see if any come to me.  They said they really don't take pictures often which is probably why I haven't gotten any for a long time.

Ok, that is it for today.  I will try not to be cranky in my next post.

Until next time.............happy crafting!


  1. I feel for those of you who live in hot climates. Wisconsin has pretty darn hot -- but I know it's better than many places. We don't have AC, so we hangout in the basement when it gets really hot. I have quite a bit of paperwork for work, so I try to do that on the unpleasantly hot days.
    Your dinner save was very creative. Hot weather does not inspire me to cook!

  2. Yikes. I'd be cranky too! That picture of the dog is great. I can't stop laughing at it. And your Poppers look delicious. FWIW, your post gave me a perspective shift on our 85 degree days with 75% humidity this week (on the days it isn't raining). I don't feel nearly so miserable. ;^)

  3. That is hot; we're supposed to have low 90's Friday or Saturday. I'm so thankful for the AC.


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