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Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Finally! The "Fourth Utility" by Jay Williams, COMMSCOPE® - INFOPIPE 

All the pieces are finally in place.  Our A/C is finally working as it is supposed too.  For only being 3 years old, this has been a very frustrating time for us.  Our technician came out around noon today and he just left.  (it is 5pm)  While he was replacing the part that was giving us issues, he also found some settings that were completely wrong for our unit.  He adjusted everything and replaced anything that was needed and told us we should not have any more issues with the unit.  I can tell you this...............the humidity level in our house has already dropped from 48% to 37% in just an hours time.  The other thing I have already noticed......it is running MUCH quieter.  Just like it did when it was first installed.  I am a very happy camper now.

While all this was going on, hubby and I packaged up 15 pounds of green chili we purchased last year.  It was delivered frozen and we had not needed it until now.  Well, we are not able to use 15 pounds of green chili quickly.  So, hubby grabbed a good knife and just started slicing off 1/2 cup pieces of it and we packaged it and threw it back in the freezer.  Oh, we did take one package and made salsa with it.  This house is never without homemade salsa!  

The other thing I did today was make a cheesecake in my Ninja Foodi on the pressure cooking setting.


I know this looks really yellow, but it is not really that yellow.  Must have been the indoor lighting.  There had been another cheesecake made last week but it was so nasty, it got thrown away.  This one actually smells like a cheesecake.  It is now in the fridge where it needs to stay overnight.  We will give it a taste test tomorrow and I will let you know.

While all this was going on, I found something I had been looking for.  

This may be a bit hard to see.  It is my Pampered Chef dry leveler.  It fits perfectly on the Pampered Chef measuring cups to level off flour and sugar and other dry ingredients.  I have been looking for this for over a month.  My thought was it got thrown away somehow since it is clear.  Nope, it was underneath my napkin holder!  I know that thing has been moved to be cleaned under.  So, how did it manage to hide there for over a month?  I swear there are gremlins in my house sometimes LOL.

We have leftovers for dinner tonight.  I am glad as with all the mess with the A/C, I have no desire to cook.  I will make us a nice dinner tomorrow night though.  

Until next time...................happy crafting & stay well!

PS:  because our covid numbers have dropped so drastically, our county is going to go into phase 4 of opening up businesses!


  1. when we lived in texas (1990 ish) the brand new ac in a brand new house broke not once but TWICE during 90 degree heat. I was wilting like never before. Of course I had to wait a week for it to be fixed and each time it was covered under warrantee.

  2. Oh my goodness. Isn't it frustrating to find out things weren't done correctly the right time? I can feel your relief, though. So glad things are operating well now. Whew!

  3. Glad you got your AC fixed! I did too! LOL! Your cheesecake looks yummy even yellow cheesecake sounds good! I haven't had any in years! Glad your COVID numbers are going down! Sometime when you have time would you share your salsa recipe? Take care!

  4. YAY for working AC and lower virus cases. We are still high on the list unfortunately here.


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