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Friday, August 7, 2020


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We have finished lunch and are now on the downside of our day.  I am happy to say......we have completed our 'to do' list for today.  I might also add..............I finished everything I set out to do this week and then some.  Color me a proud Mimi!

I got started early this morning.  My first order of business was to call the MVD (motor vehicle department) to pay my registration and to order a new license plate.  The trick is, my license plate is a 'choose life' plate and I love it.  The numbers on it have great meaning for me (even though I did not pick them).  I wanted to see if they could replace the plate and give me the same numbers on it.  Ta-Da!  They were able to do that and my new plate will be here in 6-8 weeks.  In the mean time, they gave a paper plate to seal and put on the back of my care.  I will laminate it this afternoon and get it screwed into the plate holder on the back of my car.  That call took me just over an hour.  Crazy, right?  

Besides the phone call, the indoor plants got watered, the antique clock got wound, two loads of laundry got completed, items in the family room got moved for hubby to clean.  Then the fun began.  I headed into my craftroom so hubby could mop floors.

Our A/C guy came out to make sure our unit was working properly.  They do this twice a year.  I was glad they came too.  For some reason the humidity in our house has been running very high (39-54%) while it is only 10-25% outside.  They adjusted the motor a bit and that should help out.  While the service guy was here, the dogs got the pleasure of being locked into the craftroom with me. 

While being locked in the craftroom, I decided to make more face masks.

These are for me.
These are for hubby.  We figure the mask mandate will be lasting for quite a while.  Therefore, we are making sure we have several masks in each of our cars (cause we are good about forgetting to grab one when we leave the house) and I also have several in a Ziploc close to the back door.  In actuality, I kind of enjoy making these now.  They are a fairly quick project.  When I make more than one, I do it in kind of an assembly line fashion.  It seems to go quicker that way.

When hubby came to release the dogs and me from the craftroom, I spotted something and thought "why not".

I have not worked on any counted cross stitch for a while now.  This one is not going to sew itself, right?  So, I got the center of the Aida cloth marked, straightened out the mess of floss that was in the kit with it and am now ready to start working on it this afternoon.  Beside, I only have 5 knit/crochet projects on the go.  

There is another project I really, really, really want to start.
Linda's Crafty Corner: Blanket Round Up Four

The Havana Afghan!  After seeing the two Maria made, I have been really wanting to make this.  I finally bought the pattern this past Saturday and it is making me nuts.  How nuts, you ask?

All this scribbling is me figuring out how many yards of yarn I will need for either worsted (Aran) of DK weight yarn.  It also is me figuring how much this project is going to cost.  Then there is trying to figure out what colors I am going to use.  So once I got my conversion of meters to yards.................I was off and running with all sorts of ideas.  Then I need to decide if I want to do a border or have fringe for the edges.  The fringe makes me think of the way the Latino culture makes their items. (ie. ponchos, serapes, blankets etc)  I have chosen my colors and now just need to make a short shopping trip to Hobby Lobby to grab the yarn and get the heck out of there.  I was going to order it online and do a curbside pick up but I do not see where they offer that option.  I may make a quick run there yet today...........maybe.............
not sure I want to go out in the heat....................I have plenty of other projects to work on........
do I really NEED another WIP?  Oh my conscious is talking to me.

Shoulder Devil Stock Illustrations – 129 Shoulder Devil Stock ...

This is what it feels like right now LOL.

Tonight we are having empanadas with our leftover Picadillo.  It is a quick and easy meal and can be made in the air fryer.  I make a 2 ingredient dough for the crust.  It is made with 1 cup self rising flour and 1 cup of 0% greek yogurt.  I use this dough to make bagels, monkey bread and other dough items.  It is an old Weight Watchers recipe.  It kind of has the flavor of sourdough bread too.

Wow, this post got much longer than I expected.  I won't be posting tomorrow.  Since I completed all my weekly goals, I am going to spend tomorrow working on my crafting project and the same for Sunday.  

Until next time.................happy crafting & stay well!


  1. That looks like a beatufiul cross stitch picture. Can't wait to watch it grow! And same with your Havana. I have to admit, I'm now wondering how much one of these costs to make. lol Do you think you've figured it out with your calculations there? I see two different totals. Two separate costs for two different brands of yarn? Or are you those two totals to be combined? Or am I not following your notes correctly at all...

  2. I thought you were going to be using stash for your Havana blanket as it is a great stash buster. My stash isn’t suitable as it’s all different weights and mostly fingering weight. You surely have some winning combos of colours in your stash, no? This is surely the perfect opportunity to shop your stash. This could effectively be a free project for you, clear some space and make a beautiful blanket? I don’t understand why in America you have to replace your number plates, does this mean your plate number changes each year? We used to have road tax discs for our front windows but now it’s all electronic and monitored by licence plate recognition numbers.

  3. Sorry that maybe sounded like I was trying to tell you what to do, I’m just jealous you have the chance at a free blanket potentially, but for me I’ll have to buy.

  4. You've been on a roll! I love your masks...I really need to make some. I was like you this week trying to resist the temptation of starting more projects but I couldn't resist! LOL! Your cross stitch is going to be beautiful. YOur dinner sound good too. Glad you're having a good week and I hope you got your yarn....life is too short to not grab the joy when you can!


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