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Thursday, August 20, 2020


GN HR IEP SMH – Wake I Make

When my children grew up and left home, there were things I knew I would never miss.  One of those things is being awakened by someone being sick.  Then, we (I) decided it would be fun to have dogs.

At 11:30 last night, Luna started coughing/gagging and panting very hard.  She would get on the bed, off the bed, on the bed, off the bed etc.  She finally went to sleep about 1:30 and so did I only to have her wake me up again at 3:30 with the same antics.  I decided to get out of bed so hubby could continue to sleep.  By 5:30 she seemed to have gotten rid of what ever it was causing her issues.  I found pine needles in our bed.  (We do not own a pine tree and none of our neighbors so either!)  Hubby found a spot where she got sick and said it was pretty good sized and very yucky. We call her a goat as she eats anything.  I assume she found something outside and added it to her daily feeding regimen.  She has a scheduled vet appointment tomorrow.  I will be sure to mention this to the vet.  She is not a young dog anymore and I know with age, issues do arise.  She seems to be acting normal now.  This was her today at lunch time.

Even though we do not feed her people food, her hope springs eternal that hubby will drop something by accident.  As soon as he was done with lunch, she went and ate her breakfast food.

Functioning on 2 hours of sleep is interesting.  I have tried to stay busy up until now.  I had an appointment for my car this morning at 8.  I had to leave the house about 7:15 as the dealership is quite a ways from our home.  Being at the dealership was interesting.  They had signs up stating "If you can not maintain a 6 ft distance, you then must wear a mask".  Really?  How am I supposed to sign paperwork if I have to keep my distance from y'all.

I always come prepared with a mask.  I even keep about 4 or 5 in my car.  Hubby and I have been caught without masks a couple of times and have learned our lesson.  Although, I probably did not need to wear the mask while waiting.

Not a lot of people at the dealership this morning.  But I left the mask on anyways.  While I waited I read a book.

Reading has not been happening for some time now.  No reading mojo, but, when I saw this book on ThriftBooks, I knew I had to get it.  It was published this year!  I love her work and think I have read 80% of her books.  If you watched the series 'Cedar Cove' on TV, that was based on one of her series of books.  My favorite series she wrote was the Blossom Street series.  Why?  Because it was about a group of ladies drawn together by yarn and needles.  

My car has fresh oil in it and even got a bath.  By the time I got out of there, hubby had almost finished cleaning the first half of the house.  On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some fresh produce.  Once I got home, I got busy in the kitchen.

First up...............make a loaf of bread.  I found out that the beer I use in my bread needs to be FLAT before adding it to the bread machine.  Well heck!  No wonder I have had issues with some of my loaves rising properly.  Also, I was told to weigh my flour as it is a more accurate measurement than using a measuring cup.  I got everything in the bread machine and got it going. I set a timer so I could pull the paddle out before the baking cycle started.  I do not like the huge hold the paddle leaves in the bottom of the bread if it stays in.  When the timer went off, I went in to pull the paddle and accidentally hit the start/stop button.  Well crap!  I quickly grabbed one of my bread pans, greased it up and put the bread dough in it.  I then put it in my Smart Oven to rise and then baked it in there.  I will let you know tomorrow how it turned out.  It looks ok on the outside.

I had been given a recipe to make a cheesecake in the pressure cooker.  While the bread was going in the bread machine, I got busy making the cheesecake.  It only takes 35 minutes of pressure and then you quick release the pressure and put the cheesecake in the fridge for 4 hours.  I will once again let you know tomorrow how it turned out.  It looks good.  Thank goodness, I inherited my mom's spring form pans.  The only thing I changed was...........the recipe said to spray Pam on the spring form pan.  I refuse to use the stuff as it never washes off completely and ends up ruining expensive cook/bake ware.  Instead, I coated the pan with Crisco Shortening.  

Tonight, I am being lazy and making Manwich. We will put it over my homemade bread that will be toasted.  We put a bit of shredded cheese on top and eat it with a fork and knife.  Neither of us are a fan of trying to eat it in a bun.  It is way too sloppy.  Last nights Chicken Waldorf Salad was excellent!  Hubby told me to put it on the LOVE IT list.  We used cut up romaine lettuce for the base of the salad.  Very refreshing for a hot day.

I think I will kick back with my book.  There just might be a nap involved while doing that.

Until next time...................happy crafting & stay well!


  1. I would have never ever thought to pull the paddle out of the bread machine just before a loaf of bread bakes. I'm wondering if rising dough would seep down through the bottom of the pan. I know there's a rubber gasket there, but I'm still wondering. FWIW, I always regret the hole the paddle leaves in the bottom of a loaf, too. I now want to make some bread just to see if this works with my machine!

  2. my previous dog, Zoe, was a yakker. She ate everything she came across, edible and inedible. She drove me crazy!! I do not miss sick kids through the night either, I also don't miss the whining and crying. I do miss the snuggles! We have to wear a mask no matter what around here and I appreciate it.

  3. Aiya, crazy doggie. Does your city fine you if you're not wearing a mask? Ours does; it's like a $70 ticket. I've been rewatching GBBO and have been pinning recipes, some for bread; I'm thinking of ordering active yeast on Prime.


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