Monday, August 3, 2020

Questions Answered..............Finally

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OK, I have been saying I was going to answer all the questions that have popped up on my comments sections.  Today is that day.  Here goes.

Becki wanted to know how I cropped myself out of this photo:

I take most of my photos with my Samsung 9s Plus phone.  That is where I also edit my photos.  There is a little icon to manually crop a photo in the gallery app.  
Editing options for photos in the Gallery app

See the upper row of icons?  It is the one on the far right.  I click on that and select Manual crop and then draw a line around the part of the photo I want to keep.  BAM!  Instantly, I disappear from the photo.  Don't ask me how to do it on any other phone.  I have been a Samsung user for many years.  (I used to have an iPhone but was not happy with their rules)

Next question is from Becki and Sam.  They both wanted my Chicken and Dumplings recipe.  Here is the link to it.  Hopefully the link works for you guys.

The next one is from Stefanie.  She wanted to know if we have to sign up to go to Mass since there is physical distancing.  Well.............yes and no.  When we go into the church, we write our names on a sign in sheet.  Our church holds 1000 people in 'normal' times.  During the physical distancing times they are allowing 250 people at one time in for Mass. If we reach 250 then they will be asked to come to the next service or watch on TV.  So far, we have not gone over 250 at the service we attend.  No, we do not need to sign up before we get there.  Now, remember, our church has 4 services each Sunday.............2 English and 2 Spanish.  Many people are still doing Mass via TV because of age or health issues.

The last question is from Sam & Mary-Anne.  They wanted to know if I figured out what caused the strange sky yesterday.  Yes I did!

Here is what it looked like yesterday morning about 8AM.  It never got any better all day.  We are seeing this strange sky thanks to the Apple Fire in Riverside County California.  Isn't it amazing that the smoke would travel 388 miles?  We still have a bit of it in the air today but not as bad.

So, how has your day been?  I managed to get a loaf of bread made, hard boiled eggs for our chef salad tonight, planned my menus for the next 11 days, have my grocery list made out for this Wednesday (senior discount day at Krogers), have my Wolf Lichen shawl blocking, got my 2021 planner ordered (won't be mailed until September), transferred all my stuff from my old wallet to my new wallet, got the dog's toenails clipped, and got my loose recipes and patterns put in page protectors and filed in appropriate binders.  Not too bad for a Monday, right?

I will leave you with this.

Josie's Dad took her to an empty parking lot today to let her get a feel for driving.  She will be eligible for a permit in 6 months.  He wants her to learn all the does and do nots of driving ASAP.  He said she did quite well for being the first time behind a wheel.

And.........if you are going to drive the Jeep, you need to learn how to fill it with gas too.  Next step is to show her how to check the oil and tire pressure.  He is a great Father!

Until next time................happy crafting & stay well!


  1. Hey Marsha! I may not be online much this week, but this post just popped into my inbox and I saw that you answered two questions I'd asked. Thank you, friend! Saving this post for referring to later.

  2. Thank you for answering the questions and the recipe! I never thought of the fire. Amazing how it can travel that far. I wrote down your phone too as I am thinking of getting one. You get so much done in a are amazing! Good for your son teaching your granddaughter not just how to drive but how to take care of a car. My dad tried teaching me stick and all I remember was him yelling at me all the way down our street for all the neighbors to see. When I got out I said....never again! I learned at school and the driver's ed teacher was much nicer! LOL!

  3. Aw, you have a Josie! My dad used to take me to an empty parking lot too. Thankfully I didn't have to parallel park for my test nor go on the freeway. Yes, learning how to fill the gas tank is a must. Thanks for answering my question. It's great how your church is so organized.


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