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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Another Productive Day

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Oh my goodness.  Blogger is only going to support the 'old' blogger platform until August 24th!  So, now I am trying very hard to learn the new format.  So if this post looks wacko, please forgive me.

So, today saw me having a second day of productivity.  This is not normal.  The heat makes me want to just sit and do nothing.  But, I am trying very hard to push myself to accomplish something each day.

Here was today's accomplishments..................did a pool check, emptied the dishwasher, sewed labels and medals to 2 prayer shawls, prepped all the veggies for tonight's tacos and watched videos on how to do mosaic crochet and did a mosaic swatch.

That last one was the most fun I have had in a long time.  Take a look at my sample.

It is so much fun.  Not near as hard as I anticipated either.  I would like to make a lapghan using this method.  Because of the heat here, I am wanting to make it out of fingering weight yarn.  Here are the colors I have picked out for part of it.

Hopefully, the colors will not blend into each other too much.  I will know by the 4th row.

I worked on hubby's socks a little bit during our lunch break.  I am liking how the colors in this yarn are changing.  

I am using the Hermiones Everyday Socks pattern.  It is a fun knit but not so complicated a person has to concentrate 100% while working it.

I also finished the blocking on the Wolf Lichen shawl.

I love how the lace sections really opened up with the blocking.  

Tomorrow is grocery shopping day.  Normally I go by myself but hubby has already stated he would like to go with me.  I hope he remembers we shop by a list and not by instinct LOL.  I will make sure he has eaten before we go.  That usually helps with his cravings.

Now I am waiting for one of the prayer shawl people to come by and pick up the 5 prayer shawls I have completed.  It will be nice to get them to where they belong.  

How is your day going?  Is it productive day for you too?


  1. I worked with the new Blogger format today, too. It challenged me - mostly in terms of font sizes (it only worked properly when I went back to the old Blogger and edited my post - hmpf). I like your mosaic sample. Will you have to do a sample for each section? Your finished shawl looks gorgeous!!! Re grocery shopping - I think the thing my DH is most looking forward to with driving again is going to the grocery store. I haven't been buying junk (except I gave in and bought him some cookies once - sigh). I do not want to see what he will bring home once he feels up to doing a real jaunt through the grocery...

  2. Oh it’s exciting to see your mosaic sample and the yarns you’ll be using. You can guarantee if I’m hungry and go shopping my trolly is 50% bread, cakes, cookies and chocolate 😂.

  3. beautiful lace work! I am hoping to be more productive today than yesterday!! We will see about that.

  4. I love the Wolf Lichen shawl! Beautiful! I also love the colors you chose for your mosaic blanket. Your husbands socks are looking good! You have really been productive!

  5. It's a regular day but I'm on top of our OMAD. We had gotten a big pack of bone-in chicken thighs so when I ran out of BBQ sauce, I was going to pan fry them but realized they'd be hard to cook all the way that way so I'm pan frying them both sides in butta and then sticking them in the oven. They are hella good (from yesterday's experience) - crispy skin and flavorful from their seasoned flour dippings.


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