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Tuesday, August 18, 2020


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I have done bupkis today!  Seriously.  The highlight of my day has been throwing sheets in the washer and dryer.  Yes sirree Bob.  That is the extent of my day.

The A/C guy was scheduled to be here at 8 this morning.  He showed up at 9:20.  After explaining my issue to him, he got to work to see what could be done to fix the high humidity in our house.  Two hours later, we were informed we needed a new part.  The part is under warranty but the labor is not.  I tried really hard not to blow a gasket.  The unit is only 3 years old and this is the third or fourth issue we have had with it.  Very calmly I told him "I am just about to invoke the lemon law on this unit."  No company wants the lemon law invoked because that means they need to replace what ever is a 'lemon' at no cost to the consumer.  

We received a call from the technician about 20 minutes later.  The part and labor will be provided at no charge to us.  PHEW!  It was going to be a VERY expensive repair.  We are talking 4 digit expensive! ($1100)  Hubby and I breathed a sigh of relief.  We really did not want to get ugly but this is crazy.  Having to replace parts each year on a brand new unit!

By the time, all this was done, it was lunch time and I was wiped out.  My hope now is, the same technician that worked on the unit this morning will be the one to install the new part.  He was so good and did quite a few tests to figure out what was wrong.  We just had the unit serviced last week.  Hubby told that guy our issue.  He told us he adjusted the unit so it would run longer to pull the moisture out of the air.  All that did was raise our energy usage!  He was a young whipper snapper.  The guy today was closer to my age and seemed to have a clue what was going on.  Not to mention he was also a BIG dog lover.  Luna loved him.  Enrique was in time out. (he does not like strange men)

I have been working on hubby's socks since lunch.  It is still too yucky in the house to pull out the blanket to work on.  Hopefully, that situation will be taken care of by next week.  The part is on order.

Tonight, I am making Pozole.  I will use the pressure cooker application on the Ninja Foodi.  I am looking forward to it.  I do have a plan "B" if that does not turn out.  Last night we just had grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.  Since I had made a loaf of bread, that gave us 1.5 loaves of bread and I didn't want either of them to go bad.  It was close to ham and cheese hot pockets. 

I have been going through reviews on movies.  We now have Netflix as well as Amazon Prime, Disney +, Hulu and Apple TV.  Five movies have been placed on the 'to watch' list I am making.  If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Until next time...............happy crafting & stay well.


  1. Wow. I'm glad you spoke up and got the good service that you deserve. I hope everything works out and you're soon enjoying a cool, dehumidified, comfortable home.

  2. if you only knew how many days I do little or nothing at all! Luckily I balance them out with super productive periods! Today was the grocery run so not much else will happen today after I do the blog catchup.

  3. Didn't know there was a lemon law; how interesting. Glad it got resolved at no cost! You a smart lady.


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