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Thursday, August 13, 2020


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Hello there. Welcome back to blog-universe.  How is your day going today?  Did you have any plans for the day?  Did those plans come to fruition?

I had a very long 'to do' list today.  I knew when I made it, last night, I would be hard pressed to complete it.  And, I did not complete it.  I did manage to get 3 loads of laundry done, make menus for the next 10 days and make a grocery list of the few items we will need for the recipes chosen.

My goal was not to go to a grocery store again unless it was for fresh produce.  That is exactly how my grocery list reads too.  There are 3 items on it that are not a fruit or veggie.  That means, I can just slide over to Sprouts and get my produce as I need it so it will be fresh for each meal.  Tomorrow, I will take a short jaunt to the store to get the next few days of produce as well as the 3 other items.  So glad hubby and I did the major shopping the past 2 days.  It sure does make it easier on me.

After I got the laundry and menu/grocery list completed, I sat down to work on my Havana blanket.  It is the most addictive crochet I have done in a  long time.

I just finished the first pattern section as well as my third color.  Now it is on to my 4th color and pattern section 2.  This is going much faster than I imagined it would.  Attention does need to be paid to it though.  I had to rip out 2 rows today because of a missed stitch which would have thrown off the entire mosaic pattern.  I am already planning my colors for my next mosaic crochet blanket.  It will be a different pattern and I am just as excited about that one too.  The same designer though.

Tonight's dinner is ham steaks and brussels sprouts.  When I cleaned out the freezers yesterday, I found some items buried and was so happy.  The ham steaks are one of the finds as were the brussels sprouts.  In fact, there are quite a few meals on the menu plan that came from that freezer clean out.  

That's all from me today.  In case you were wondering...............it is 113F at 2 o'clock.  We don't hit our hi temp until about 4.  Yes, it is still hot. 😩

Until next time.................happy crafting & stay well!


  1. I'm glad to hear that many Arizonans are wearing masks. Rates are dropping there, so many people must be following the rules.
    My son had to get his car fixed the other day, and no one in the service station was wearing a mask. He waited outside in 101 degree heat for 3 hours! He was not a happy camper.
    He lives and works in Scottsdale, which is just not a good fit for him. It is to suburban and conservative. He says even the veterinarians at his hospital travel to hotspots and then come to work without quarantining. He is terrified he is going to get Covid from them. He leaves on Aug. 21! I think he'll be much happier in Chicago.

    1. No one should be forced to be outside in 101 weather. And those workers should have been masked if they were interacting with the public. Scottsdale was one of the city's that caused us to go back into 'lockdown' because of over crowding bars and no masks. I'm sorry his experience here was not good. Chicago is a fun place to live. Our son was stationed in Great Lakes for 3 years so we visited often.

  2. Your Havana is stunning, Marsha. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying making it. You and I both did some major shopping this week. Yesterday I thought I had surely bought everything I'd need for a couple of weeks, but today I needed to go back to Kroger to correct a deal that I thought I had purchased. While I was out I stopped in at Meijer too - mainly to get some fresh cut fruit - a much better option for us since we never manage to eat all the fruit when I buy things like whole melons - that are expensive. Anyway... three grocery store runs in one week is more than enough for me.

  3. hmm, I like your focus on fresh produce to go to the grocery store. I go once a week and that is it. I'm pretty strategic in my grocery shopping. Everyone here wears a mask the trick is wearing it correctly (over the nose). I try not to let it get to me.

  4. Your Havana is looking fabulous. I can’t imagine how people cope where you live if they can’t afford air conditioning or if it breaks down. I get prickly heat when we hit 75°C.

  5. Hi Marsha :)) Oh I love freezer finds :) Congrats on the meal planning! I did my monthly shopping last week, feels good, but I do have to hit the stores once during the month for the fresh stuff. I wish I had a really successful garden so I wouldn't have to do that. Oh and a cow lol...need fresh milk too! Your crochet blanket is like an optical illusion there...looks like it's jumping out at me! I love that pattern!

  6. Ham steaks sound interesting. I don't think I've ever seen one before. I love your mosaic crochet work; it creates movement to the eyes.


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