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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Day 4

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I can not believe it.  This is the fourth day I have been productive.  Actually, I am still doing some stuff but took a break to eat lunch and blog.

My morning started about 6:30.  Don't get any wild ideas that I start working at that time of day.  Silly people!  The first couple of hours are spent doing my morning prayers, devotions and going through my social media.  

First up on my to do list was getting the bathrooms and kitchen/dining room ready for hubby to clean them.  We slacked off last week and did not do our normal cleaning.  The amount of dog hair rolling around my house was crazy.  Hubby was looking forward to cleaning today as we got him a new toy.  I had seen one of these on an infomercial and was very impressed with it.  This one is a bit different than the infomercial as the dirty water goes into a separate place away from the clean water.  He said it was so much easier with this bucket system.  Hooray for making his life a bit easier.

While he was busy doing house work I took off and got our water cooler bottles refilled.  When I got home I got busy with all those piddly little chores I keep putting off.  Both of the light bulbs in our carport burned out.............replaced those.  (let me just say, I am not a fan of climbing ladders but I did it anyway)  The pool automatic fill was not working again so I grabbed my plunger and went into the pool and plunged the snot out of it.  So much dirt, leaves and nasty stuff came out this time.  Hopefully this will fix it for good.  It was wonderful upper back and arm exercise LOL.  (I just might have spent a little time just relaxing in the water too)  The next item was replacing all the air freshener cans in our automatic air fresheners.  My house smells good now!  Once hubby finished his cleaning, I got all the towels in the washer and that is still running.  Hopefully it will get done soon so I can get them dried before our energy savings time goes off at 3.

There were treasures in the mail this week.  No..............not the cleaning bucket.  These were for me!
My sister in law had the greatest wallet!  After she left, I went in search of one like hers.  Looking for a double zipper accordion style wallet in leather was not an easy task.  It took me several days to find one and then I wanted a color that was bright and pretty.  No black wallet for me.  The inside of a purse is already dark.  No need to put a dark wallet in a dark purse!

This is NOT the inside of my wallet.  Just wanted to give you an idea of how much it holds.  And, yes, my Samsung 9S plus fits inside of my wallet too.

Amazing, right?  You can tell it is not my wallet by the $100 bills in it LOL.

So, if you get a new wallet, it just stands to reason you get a new purse.

Ta-Da!  Baggallini is a brand I had used in the past.  The nice thing about them is.................they are super light.  This one only weights 8 ounces.  My shoulders will thank me for that!  They are also washable if needed.

BTW..............I am still getting used to Blogger's new platform.  UGH!  I hate change and this really messes with my mind.  I already looked in Wordpress and that seemed confusing to me too.  I am not a quitter.........I will continue to persevere!

Until next time..................happy crafting & stay well!

PS:  Our covid numbers are going down rapidly!  FINALLY!  Please maintain physical distancing, wear a mask and wash your hands!  Thank you.


  1. You are on a roll, girl! I've been too busy lately to be very productive. lol I know that sounds silly, but it's true!!! But you do make me want to clean house and get organized. Trying, but there's lots of stuff to sort through. I'll probably write about it this coming Sunday. I hope the weekend is good for you!

  2. You are very good about cleaning. I like the blue of your new wallet and yes, how nice your phone can fit inside and have it's own slot so it doesn't touch the dirty bills.


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