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Sunday, January 12, 2020


Hi!  Welcome!  Pull up a chair, grab a beverage, kick your feet up, put on your favorite music and just enjoy the next 5 minutes reading the happenings of this left handed crafter.

Let's talk crafting first.  There are not any finishes this week.  Unless you consider turning a heel on a sock a finish LOL.

Yup, the heels are turned and I have started on doing the pattern all the way around the sock now.   The FKL heel was done as I never have a hole when I use this heel.  Hubby also thinks it is one of the best fitting heels.  

Do you remember this?

My "It really Fits" cardigan.  I pulled it out last night and did a few rows on the sleeve.  I was getting bored with the sock and knew better than to cast on anything else right now.  Plus, this sweater is nice and warm on my lap.  

That is all the actual knitting I worked on this week.  I did get a couple of acquisitions though.

My first ever shawl pin.  I wanted something very simple and Signature Needles was having a 25% off sale.  How could I pass this up.  I have a horrible time keeping my shawls on when I do my wrapping of them.  This will save me from messing with them all the time now.

Then, I got my belated Christmas present.

I completed my Signature circular needles when they had them on sale.  I am missing 1 circular still.  It is not a size I use too often so will just wait until they go on sale again.

In other crafting news...................I am officially registered for the Dallas Fort Worth Fiber Fest in April of this year.  I have my hotel reservations, my airline reservations and I was able to book 1 class and am on a wait list for several others. I am really looking forward to the vendor market.  It makes me all tingly to think of all the fiber and wares that will be there to look at and touch.  Not to mention being able to knit and crochet to my hearts content all day and night with other like minded people.  While I am there I will also be spending time with my son and his family that lives there.  This is a dream trip for me.  Hubby will be home taking care of the dogs and holding down the fort for the 10 days I will be away.    

In my 'normal' life I have this little cutie to show you.

I was getting ready to attend Grandparent's Day at our local Grand Daughter's school.  He knew I was going somewhere and was trying to look super sad about me leaving him.  I left anyway LOL.

Our Grand Dog came over the other day.  He has not learned how to pick up his toys after he plays with them.  Almost reminds me of when the kids were little and had their toys all over the living room.  Kind of miss those days..............NOT!

If you have been reading my blog this week, you know the past few weeks have been a bit rough and the coming weeks will continue to be that way. (off and on, that is)  So......tonight, I was getting ready to write in my journal and as I picked it up, the front cover screamed at me.

RIGHT?  So that is just what I did.  Everyone always says to 'Let go and Let God".  My problem is.........after I do that, I worry He might need some, help so I keep taking it back.  Must have something to do with my type A personality.  Or as my hubby says, my type AAA personality. LOL  

Today I am working on rearranging my craft room.  (Thanks Liz for that idea)  I have two large pieces of furniture that need to exchange places.  It will actually give me more walking area in there.  It will also give me the excuse to go through some drawers and cubicles and get rid of things I am not using and probably will never use.  (Thanks Becki)  I still have some of the crafts from my mom. (needlepoint)  I have never done needlepoint and never will.  My hands will not allow that fine of work.  No one else in the family does needlepoint either.  It is things like that, that I need to realize, holding on to it is not going to bring her back or help ease the pain of loosing her.  So POOF..........it is going to leave the house.  

After the craft room furniture is rearranged, I will just hang out with hubby watching the football play offs. (he will watch and I will knit and listen to an audio book)  Our food today is going to be super easy.........bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, potato skins, and mozzarella sticks all cooked in the air fryer.  We call this pub food.  We only do it during football Sunday's, but not every one of those.  It gives me a little break from cooking a big meal and we both enjoy having a 'junk' food day once in a while.

May your day be filled with laughter and love.

Until Next Time................Happy Crafting!!!!


  1. I just thought about something. I'm a lefty also. The turning of a sock heel is major so we can kind of out of into the "finish" category. I have not seen the "It Really Fits" pattern but I will check it out. Congratulations on the completion of the Signature needles. They are really pretty. Nice shawl pin too. I have one that I purchased a few years ago but who knows where that thing is. I enjoyed your post. It's chick full of great conversation. Have a wonderful week !

  2. I have knit close to 100 pairs of socks and I still delight in turning the heel. It is so magical to me. Now I have to think where my shawl pin is....hmm....probably in the jewelry box. You are the second blogger to talk about rearranging the craft room. Ok, I will take the push and tackle mine today too. Very exciting about your trip. 10 fibre filled days - HEAVEN. Yes, give it up to God. I have to remind myself to do that as well. Triple A type. That is funny (and probably me too). Hope your coming week has more ups than downs.

  3. Signature needles are so pretty...I don't own any, congratulations to you.

    I have done over thirty socks, I now have 14 on the needles, mainly because I tend to stop at the heel...and then I cast on another for the easy knitting...I don;t have a problem with heels, but I have to pay attention to them a bit more...

  4. Do you watch The Woolslayers on Youtube? They're always at DFW. I think Teenybutton Studio sells there too. Have a fun time.

  5. Look at you go with 2AAT socks! Glad you're back working on your sweater. It's going to be gorgeous when you're done. I want to make one again but I have so many other things I need right now besides a sweater's quantity of yarn! LOL!
    That is so awesome that you are going to a fiber fest! What fun!
    Still looking at air fryers! LOL! Have a great week and your puppy is so cute....and sad looking. :)
    I will pray that you are uplifted and that your heart heals. Hugs ~ Sam

  6. love your new shawl pin, it's so pretty! I try my best to not worry but worriers are worriers. All I know is that whatever is on my mind intensely is usually not as intense in 48 hours (usually, however, there are outliers..). May your worries lessen!!

  7. I would consider turning the heel on a sock a great accomplishment! :) The yarn in those socks is just beautiful. And those circular needles sure are pretty. How nice that you have such a fun trip to look forward to. It will be fun to hear about when you return. LOL at your dog picture - and the commentary.

    You know... reading about your mother's needlpoint supplies and your thoughts, I imagine my sons someday sorting through my stuff (that didn't get de-junked and down-sized). I never really thought about it before, but as I do now, I'm thinking their passing along things (my craft supplies) they won't want to people who will, will honor my memory much more than them hanging onto things just because. I know they won't keep much, but I'm thinking a discussion about all this would really benefit them someday. Hmmm... hadn't really thought of doing that, either. But I think it's a good idea. :)

  8. The shawl pin looks great, I should dig out mine as the other day I swear I was adjusting the long tail of my shawl every few minutes! I donated a cross stitch I knew I wouldn’t get to, I’d bought it for my mum and she said she wouldn’t likely do it and returned it to me and it sat in my cupboard for 10 years and finally donated it and hope somewhere someone has finished it and loves it. Well done on resisting casting on something new, I think I should pick up Void again rather than cast something new...we shall see. I’m a worrier and have come to accept that fact, rather than add worrying about being a worrier to my existing worries...hope that makes sense.


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