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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Midweek Slump

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Yup, I have a midweek slump.  My motivation has moved on.  I still got things done but had to really push myself to do them.

Last night, hubby was teaching a class and I cleaned out the guest bath's cabinets and drawers.  Good golly, there was still 'stuff' in there from when the kids lived at home!  They have all been gone for over 15 years.  Today, I went into the guest room to look for things to leave the premises.  I only found 1 item.  That is not to say there is not more in there that should leave.  Hubby has BOOKS in there and he still has not gone through them to reed them out.  

I have also done 2 loads of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the fridge (again), worked on a puzzle and am now learning how to clean our salt cell on our pool.  I figured I should know how to do these things in case anything happens to my husband.  

Tonight, we have trivia again.  It is so much fun to get together with others who just want to have a bit of a good time.  Our Grand Daughter will be going with us too since her parents will be bowling and she does not enjoy watching that.

That about sums up my day.  Tomorrow I am going to look a bit more closely at our bedroom.  I already pulled a pair of shoes out of there for donation.  I had worn them twice and they about killed my feet each time.  No reason to hang on to them if someone else can benefit from them.

Until next time..............happy crafting!


  1. Yes. let someone else's feet hurt instead! LOL! Just kidding! You are the social butterfly. Me, I am happy to stay home and just gab with my blog friends. Thank goodness we are all different. I have good days and not so good where I am energetic and then the next day "too pooped to pop". I think i am energetic about every other day! LOL!
    I'll finish my bathroom this week and next week I was going to do my bedroom but I think I will do my closet instead. I have stuffed it full of Jim's clothes and need to get rid of them. I couldn't do it at first but I have taken some but not the items on hangars so next week will be my closest. So glad to hear there are several of us that are "clearing and cleaning"....it helps with the motivation to keep going! I hope! Take care....hugs~Sam

  2. You've reminded me I should get rid of some stuff before the 25th. I may have to go out to a place as I've been waiting for a curbside pick up but there hasn't been any flyers for months.


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