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Monday, January 20, 2020


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It wasn't really too bad of a Monday............so far.  Yet, it was definitely different for me.  It all actually started last night, about an hour before I normally go to bed.  I got a huge burst of energy and decided to scrub my kitchen counters, sink, and stove.  I also got the dining room table all cleaned off, put all the laundry away and put away all items that were not in their place from the living room.  I do not know what got into me, but it was nice to get up (4:30 am!!!) this morning and all my normal morning 'chores' were all done.  

This morning I got the rest of the Christmas items boxed up and have all 4 of the remaining boxes on the dolly ready to go out to the shed.  That will get done as soon as I finish this post.

Hubby and I met with a solar company this morning too.  We would love to go to solar energy for our home.  Seeing we have well over 300 days of sunshine here, it would make sense to use solar energy to run things in our home.  We now have a week to decide if we want to do it or not.  

OH!  I did finish "The Child/Baby Yoda" last night.  He is much bigger than the one I made for my Grand Daughter.

The recipient should love it though.  I think it is the ears that makes it so darn cute.

I still have a dishwasher to empty today.  There is a pound of ground beef thawing out for dinner.  I have no clue what I am going to make with it yet.  Menus have not been planned yet this week.  Might decide to do that yet today too.

How is your Monday going?  Did you do anything special for MLK day?

Until next time.............happy crafting!


  1. I look forward to hearing what you decide about going solar or not, Marsha. Your finished Baby Yoda looks adorable. So, are you making one for the Trivia Night MC? How many more do you have on the docket to crochet up? I'd think it surely gets easier each time (except for maybe the hand-cramping?) And lastly... how big is this one? I'm just full of questions...

  2. That happens to me as well. I get going and I just keep going. I wish that manic Monday feeling would come a little more frequently.

  3. That burst of energy use to happen to me too. Not so much anymore. That Yoda is a cutie. The ears are everything !

  4. I had to run around for MLK because the teen had a study date w/her teammate for their upcoming chemistry final and the tween had to go to her friend's house so their group could work on their roller coaster project.


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