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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Q & A

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Howdy.  As promised, today I will answer the questions which have appeared in my comments over the past several posts.  There will also be daily living 'talk' after the Q&A.

The photo of my 'cool' Grandma (MiMi) boots brought out 2 questions by Elaine and Becki

What is the brand of the boots?  They are Rock and Candy brand.  

Where did you purchase the boots?  It was 3 years ago at a store called Encore Shoe Dept.

Most of my shoes have memory foam beds to help with my RA in my feet.  These do not have anything like that at all but for some reason, they are still super comfy to wear.  Now I wish I had purchased the brown ones like the black ones.

Becki also asked if I had any more Baby Yoda's on tap to make.  The simple answer is NO!  I was approached last night and asked if I had thought about making and selling them on Etsy.  No can do..........there is a license issue with that.  Baby Yoda can be made and given away but no selling of the item can be done.  The Mandalorian folks would not be very happy.

Becki also wanted to know how big Baby Yoda # 2 was.  The first one was about 4 inches tall and the second one was almost 6 inches tall.  Quite a difference in the two and the only difference was the yarn I used for the head and body.  I used the same size hook on both of them.

That is all of the questions I saw.  If I missed anyone's question, let me know in the comments.

Now, on to 'real' life.

Yesterday I had a list a mile long to complete.  Most of it was running errands.  Hubby and I took off around 10:30 and went to our church to deliver a letter and donation given to us by a friend.  After that we hit; CVS, Trader Joe's, Sam's Club, Our Grand's High School for gift cards and finally our Grand's house to pick up the Trivia Belt we won last week.  Then we were off to Texas Road house to meet up with a few of my cousins for dinner.

Sorry, the photo is so dark.  We tried to stand under the light to make it better.  I am on the far right.  From left to right is: Becky (she lives in Hawaii), Nancy (she lives in Colorado until winter and then lives about a mile from me), Kelvin (He lives in Minnesota until winter and then lives about 3 miles from me.  He is looking to live here permanently though)  It was so good to get together.  There were 26 of us cousins and we are now down to 24.  I am hoping we can get a cousin reunion together before we loose anymore cousins.

Here is the whole gang that descended on Texas Roadhouse last night.  

After dinner Kelvin, myself and my hubby headed over to Trivia.  I had to deliver the prize belt as well as give the MC his birthday gift of "The Child".  He was so excited to receive it.  He already has a spot for it at his house.  He even posted about it on FB!  Dang, that was easy.  We took second place at trivia last night. It was a good time.

Speaking of the prize belt......when you win first place you need to take the belt home and add something to it that represents your team.  The name of our team is No Cheese Nachos.  Needless to say, this is not an easy team name to make a 'sticker' for.  Or so I thought.  Our Grand asked if she could take the belt home to add our 'bling' to it.  I was thrilled to let her have at it.  Here is what she came up with:

If you are a Star Wars fan, you know Yoda speaks backwards.  Hence our team name backwards.  I think she did quite well with this.  

Unfortunately the Grand was not able to go last night.  She has a nasty cough and decided to stay home and rest as she has a dance at school Saturday night and wants to be able to go to that.  This is a Sadie Hawkins dance where the girls ask the guys.  She finally got up her nerve to ask someone yesterday and he said yes.  She was so excited.

Today should be a fairly quiet day.  Hubby and I both woke up quite early (3:30 and 4:30).  I already have laundry going and he is doing research for his Tuesday night class at church.  He is leaving Sunday for Las Vegas to get some legal stuff done for his mom and to try and get everything ready for her to go back to her home.  (Still not the best idea but her wish)

I think there might be a little nap somewhere in the schedule today.  We have adoration tonight and in order to stay awake for that, we will need a power nap.  We are old folk now LOL.

We are expecting sunshine and 70F temps for the rest of the week.  Sounds like a good time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and soak in some of that Vitamin D from the sun.

Until next time......................happy crafting!


  1. your weather sounds great! we are waiting to see if we get a snowstorm right now they say rain. I like how you bundle all of the running around, that is what I do. I am great at it as long as I have a mighty list (and I read the list!). I hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Oh Marsha, I would love your weather! But then I'd likely complain that it's too hot lol! ;) I think your grand did a great job on your logo! The photos are nice, good to see you're out and having fun! I think a nap is a great idea, for you and for me lol! :)

  3. Thank you for answering the questions, Marsha. I've looked up that brand of shoe and I think there may be shoe stores here that carry it. I have metatarsal issues in one foot so I'm always looking for comfortable shoes.

  4. How nice to have so many cousins that you stay in touch with! I remember the Sadie Hawkin's dance from when I was young! enjoy the weather you're having. It is wet, gray and cold here. Your grand did a great job on the Trivia belt!

  5. Love how you're all competing in these trivia nights. Love how your granddaughter was able to ask a guy to the dance and yay for him recognizing quality and saying yes! Can't wait to see her in her dress.

  6. What fun and so many cousins ! I think I have just as many but I'm only close to about 10 of them. Oh the fun we had when we were young. A trivia night sounds like such fun. The logo is cute as is the team name.


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