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Monday, January 27, 2020


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Guess where I am going with the above lovely graphic.  Ding, ding, ding!  Winner, Winner chicken dinner!  Yup, I spent most of my day in my craft room closet getting it all straightened out.  I did not take any photos of it.  What I did take a photo of is what I have removed from that closet and also from other parts of my craft room.

That, my friends, is all yarn in those bags.  There is blanket yarn, bulky yarn, scratchy nasty yarn, fake fur yarn, sequin yarn, and all sorts of strange yarn I will never ever use.  What a difference it makes when I walk into the craft room to find some yarn to make items with.  I also got all my loose patterns put into page protectors and into their appropriate 3 ring binders.  There is still quite a bit of 'stuff' I could probably get rid of but..................baby steps.  You wouldn't want me to have an anxiety attack, would you?  Before you wonder where all that yarn is heading....................I will be donating it to the Prayer Shawl Ministry at church.  They are always looking for yarn.  I am more than happy to oblige.  

Never fear.................I still have plenty of yarn.  Probably more than I will ever be able to use in my lifetime.

After I got all that done, I got the pleasure of picking up the Grand from school today.  I got her home, she ate a quick and early dinner and then I took her back to school.  She has 'tech' week.  This means she will be working at school each night helping with behind the scenes stuff for the school play that starts this weekend.  She is totally stoked about doing this.

I rushed home to try and get my dinner made as I was to be at the Church for a Bible class that started tonight.  Best laid plans and all that stuff.  I didn't make it to the class.  Instead, I am now sitting here with this serene scene in front of me.

I love my 'electric' candles.  This is our fireplace.  Since we seldom can have a real fire because of air quality, we have placed candles in it.  It creates quite an ambiance.  Love it!

Oh!!!!  While I was cleaning up the yarn mess I had made in the craft room,  I decided to start another shawl.  I KNOW!!!!!  But this one is crocheted and is the one I normally make for the Prayer Shawl Ministry at church.  It only takes a couple of days to complete this pattern.  I am hoping to be able to deliver all the shawls I have made for the Prayer Shawl Ministry as well as all that yarn, this week.  They meet on Thursday morning.  I have Grand Dog duty that day but should be able to drop it all off before I need to be with the puppy.

Speaking of completing something.  I finally finished this:

This is the Forest Path shawl.  But...............it is not a shawl.  It is actually the size of a lapghan. (it is folded in half lengthwise)  I am so happy to have this off the needles. WOOHOO!  Another Prayer Shawl item.  That makes 3 and hopefully one more before Thursday.

Time to go and put the trash out to the curb.  Then back to my crocheting.

Until next time...................happy crafting!


  1. Wow! Good for you! I am thinking I should get rid of a bunch of my old acrylic yarn as it is taking up an entire dresser! What crochet shawl are you making? You are a busy lady and you always inspire me!

  2. Yay for you, Marsha! I know how good it feels to lighten the stock of yarn - even though I'd feel better if I lightened mine MORE. ;) I love the colors in your Forest Path shawl. That's going to be a cozy shawl for someone. Sounds like you have a good week ahead. Enjoy!

  3. Doesn't that feel good when you make space around you?

  4. I wish we had a place in town that took yarn. I dumped all my leftovers that I knew I was never going to use. I have yarn too that need a home. I like your prayer place; it looks nice.


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