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Sunday, January 5, 2020


Hello again readers.  It is a quiet Sunday morning here at Casa de Noce.  Hubby is off to church for a meeting and then to teach a class.  We went to Mass yesterday evening to celebrate the feast of the Epiphany (aka: the 3 kings).  Since it is so quiet here, I decided this would be the perfect time to update my blog without interruption.

The only item I have worked on all week is hubby's socks.

It is the Scatterby Sock pattern and has been in my 'to do' pile for about 3 or 4 years now.  The pattern is a 4 row repeat which makes it not too bad to watch TV and do.  I tried on one of the socks the other day to see if they had enough stretch.  Oh My Goodness!  This pattern is even nicer than the Hermione's Everyday Sock pattern for cushion and comfort.  It has such a nice hugginess (that is now a word) to it.  This may become my new favorite pattern.  Sorry, Harry Potter fans.  I need to do another half inch and then the heels will commence.  It will be the Fish Kiss Lips heel again.  This pattern even calls for that heel.

It was a full week so not as much knitting got done as I would have liked.  That is the reason these socks have not gotten heels yet.  The best part of the week was getting some decluttering done.  I am hoping to donate 1 to 2 hours a day for that activity.  My other goal for the coming weeks is to get back to my exercise routine.  I was doing so well and then I let myself get sidetracked.  There is no reason I can not find 30 minutes a day to either go walking or riding my Teeter.  

As soon as I finish this update, I will be heading to the kitchen to make a loaf of bread for dinner tonight.  There is also a dishwasher asking to be emptied and an air fryer in need of hand washing.  After that, there is a walk in my future and I plan on taking my camera with me so I can get some photos of nature.  I figure if I can combine photography with exercise it will be much more interesting and fun.

Tomorrow we will be taking down our Christmas decor.  I love putting it up and it feels so bare after it is put away.  I jokingly said I was going to leave the tree up and just keep changing the decorations for the season.  (ie: red hearts for Valentines, green shamrocks for St Patricks, etc)  There was a craft store in Pennsylvania that did this and it was so cute.  But alas, I fear, if I leave it up all year it will loose it's appeal after a while.  Therefore, back into it's box it will go tomorrow.

What are you up to this coming week?  Any fun plans?

Until Next Time.................Happy Crafting!!!!!  


  1. Hi Marsha :) The socks look great! :) I'm with you, there is no reason why I can't find half an hour a day to exercise...well, I'm sure I CAN find a reason, it's just not good enough! I've been slacking a little in that department myself ever since I had that tooth problem back in September. I just started to walk Charlie each morning again, it's too cold for Jack and Marlene is kind of losing mobility in her back legs poor thing. But Charlie is a canon of energy so it forces me to walk a long way with her! Feels good to be out again. I think it's a great idea that you'll bring your camera along too! I always have mine handy! I'm just concentrating on the art school courses lately, I'm learning so much! :)

  2. Love the socks - I think I will have to queue that pattern. I love huggy socks! My tree comes down tomorrow too. I will really enjoy it for this one more night. Decluttering always feels so good. I have done well this year after watching Marie Kondo's netflix special last January. However, I know there are some clothes that although they sparked joy a year ago I haven't actually worn them, so what is that telling me? My resolution is to drink more water every day. I have started to journal my progress with glasses that I colour in with each glass i drink. I look forward to what you will share with us from your walks via your new companion - your camera.

  3. That is what I have been telling Daniel - if they stay up we won't notice them next year! I quite like putting them away, it is the start of my spring clean!

  4. Oh now as a fan of the Hermione’s pattern I’m intrigued by this pattern you’ve mentioned. I have bought the FLK heel pattern but not tried it yet. What about if you had a vase of small branches you could decorate for each holiday? It wouldn’t take up as much space as a tree. I hope you’ll share some of the photos you take on your walks, help us far away readers see a little more about your state. 😀

  5. Well, hopefully I'll join you on the exercise front. For the last four days I've written "walk on the treadmill" and haven't made it yet. Maybe I'll unfold it tonight so it will be ready to go in the morning. ;^) I, too, would enjoy seeing some pictures taken on your walks! Your surroundings have to look a lot prettier than it does here. Amazingly, the grass is still green here, but until today we've had rain, rain, rain, and it's just cold and muddy outside.

  6. Those socks look and sound wonderful. I wrote down the name and may try them on my next sock project. I wold love to see photos on your walks. I took some but it is so 'blah' here right now with everything pretty dead and no snow to cover it up! LOL! I have started back walking each day weather permitting. I thought of the same thing with a tree but I have a smaller one. Yes, I think the de-cluttering bug has bitten a lot of people lately. I hope I stay 'biten'! Have a great week!

  7. Putting away the Christmas decor felt a bit anticlimatic b/c of the kittens having messed w/our tree and me having to only have ornaments from the middle to the top but I got in some good organization by organizing the boxes and labeling them so I'd know what type of ornaments were in there.


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