Tuesday, January 7, 2020

So Much Done

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The past 2 days have been spent getting our Christmas decorations down and put away.  Hubby takes down the outside lights and I take care of all the inside decorations.  Together we get the tree pulled apart and put away in the box that holds it and all the outside lights.  I am happy to say, all but 2 Holy Family sets are put away.  The 2 that are still out are on top of our 7 foot bookcases and hubby needs to climb a ladder to get them down and hand them to me.  (I don't like to climb ladders anymore since I fell off one and injured my head several years ago.)  It is nice to have that out of the way until next year.  Remember I told you about our tree that is flocked?  This is the only reason I do not like this tree:

That white stuff falls off the tree and it goes from the family room into the dining room and on into the Arizona room where we store the tree.  It is a mess!  We vacuum it up ASAP but usually the dogs have walked through it by then and it is tracked ALL over the house.

I had a Dr appointment with my Rheumatologist this morning and things are going quite well for me with the medications I am on.  She was very pleased to hear I had started back on getting some exercise each day too.  

I did take some photos on Monday when I went for my walk.  Wanna see?  Of course you do.

It is citrus picking time here in Arizona.  These lemons are so ready to be picked.  We no longer have our citrus trees and I am not sad about that at all.  It is a lot of work to make sure all the fruit is off so roof rats (look those nasty guys up) don't get in your yard and house.

These rocks were part of yard decor.  When you hear about the floods here in Arizona, these are the rocks that go flying in the waters.  Very deadly but they do make for some pretty yard decorations.

Not sure if these are weeds or ground cover.  This covered quite a bit of this persons yard.  I do believe they have a flower on them in the spring time.  I will walk back by there in a couple of months to see.

This plant is a dwarf palm tree.  They do not get very big and add a nice green touch year round to a yard.  Notice the rock decor again?  It is a thing here.  The reason their grass is all green is it is winter rye.  It will stay nice and green until our temps go back to then 80's.  then their Bermuda grass will come out of dormancy and green up their yard again.

A very dead tree.  I don't know why people let dead trees stay in their yard.  But it makes for fun photo.

I have no idea what kind of tree this is.  It is very lacy and airy looking.  It stays that way year round.

And of course, there are cactus here in yards.  This is the barrel cactus.  As you can see it already bloomed and those yellow pods on top are the end result.  You do not want to have a run in with these babies.  

So that is all of the photos that turned out from my walk.  I will be walking again on Wednesday and will try and find more fun photos to take and post.  Oh, and yes, our sky is really that blue.  We see that color at least 335 days a year.  It is the reason I get so excited when it rains.  

Time for lunch and to switch the laundry into the dryer.  I still have some decluttering to get done today.  Big Brothers Big Sisters are coming on Monday next week for a pick up.  I want to make sure it is worth their while.  LOL

Until next time.................happy crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. The photos are lovely! Oh the lemon trees....I had a little Meyer lemon tree and it died in our climate, sigh. One day I may try again, but I'd definitely need a heated greenhouse! The rocks are very pretty! Glad to hear you doctor's appointment went well!

  2. So nice to see your neighborhood and good for you walking! I started back walking too. Roof! I would not want those...I'll stick with the armadillos! LOL! We have Bermuda grass here and that is one of the TOP TEN most noxious weeds for gardeners. I hate it and one of the reasons I can't garden here besides my neighbors spraying pesticides and chemicals on their lawns plus you almost have to spray as there are so many critters here! But I digress! That sky is beautiful!


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