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Thursday, January 9, 2020


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Yup, it was a pretty normal day here.  Thank goodness, right?  Last night we did go to trivia and we came in third place.  I will say that is 80% due to having our Grand Daughter with us.  It is good to have young blood when we get questions about modern music and movies.  With third place we received a $10 gift certificate for our next visit there.  Not too bad a deal.

I did not sleep well last night.  It is not unusual for me this time of year.  Between Christmas and the Valentine's day I have the anniversary of 4 immediate family members deaths.  It seems to make my moods go up and down without warning too.  My dear husband is such a saint.  He gets me to talk it out and then I am good for a while longer.  Once Valentine's day hits, I am all good again.  From what I have been told, this is not an uncommon occurrence for some people.  The best thing is, I am aware of it and so if the tears start I don't think I am going off my rocker.  All I need to do is look at the calendar and realize I am very near the date of one of those anniversaries.  Do any of you go through this phenomenon?  

Do any of you have Disney Plus on your TVs?  Are you watching Mandalorian?  Are you in love with The Child?  My local son and Grand love this show and of course The Child.  So I thought it would be fun to have these at our next family gathering.

Baby Yoda deviled eggs.  Too Cute!  We have one family member that always makes deviled eggs.  I think I should send the photo and link to the recipe to him.  

Today I only did one load of laundry.  I kind of went through our bedroom looking for items to  donate on Monday.  I found a few things but need the hubby to get on a ladder to take them down for me.  It is more knick knack stuff that just collects dust.  Out it will be going.  I also set up another puzzle this week and spent a bit of time working on it.  I was going to cook dinner tonight but my get up got up and left about 5pm this evening.  Subway became my hero.  Tonight we have Adoration.  I will enjoy the nice quiet time it brings.  Hubby's socks will be going with me.  

Tomorrow we have Grandparent's day at our local Grand Daughter's school.  We will pick her up from school, go to Mass with her and then take her out to lunch.  It should be a very fun time.  But then, anytime we get to spend with our grand children is a fun time.

Have any of you been watching the Jeopardy The Greatest of All Time?  Man, does it make me feel a bit unintelligent.  But it is fun to watch anyway.

Time to go and play HQ trivia on my phone.  Yes, I guess I am a trivia junkie.

Until next time...................Happy crafting!


  1. I think crying is a gift God gave us to relieve stress and pressure....kind of like the Instant Pot pressure valve! LOL! I still cry over my son and my girls but it doesn't last long and then I get busy again. I have no one to talk to but God about it and thank goodness he/she has not abandoned me! I think you are perfectly normal and let the tears fall. I talk to them all and knowing they would not want me to be sad I try to 'buck up' and stay active and grateful....but we do miss them don't we? I also feel that they are appreciative that they are loved and not forgotten.
    BTW...the Italian beef was very tender but I think it needed more oregano. I'm going to add more tonight and simmer it on the stove. I cooked up some peppers I had (red and orange) with garlic and olive oil to have on the sandwich and of course, the crusty rolls! Let me know what your husband thinks.
    I would love the Disney channel but I don't watch enough t.v.to warrant it. Those eggs sure are cute though! YOu go girl with the trivia....me not so much! LOL! Happy Grandparent's Day!

  2. Christmas is my sad time (unfortunately), having lost my dad on 12/23 and my mom on 12/28. They died 40 years apart, but I still remember. I feel my memories of them (many unhappy) and my love for them (despite unhappy memories,) keep them alive in me. and while they are alive in me there will be sadness. It is a sign that I still care for them.

    Each person approaches grief differently. No particular way is wrong. You are blessed to have an understanding spouse who doesn't try to make you feel bad for still crying about these losses.

  3. Baby Yoda is SO cute. My husband watched that show/movie. I saw the scene where he slurped up the frog; made me LOL. Sorry you've been affected by the passing anniversaries of beloved family members. Hugs to you. My grandfather passed but we're keeping it on the DL b/c of a private ceremony. He's in a better place and lived a long life to 98/99.

  4. Both of my parents died in February (five years apart, but the annivesaries are days apart from each other. February in Indiana has to be the dreariest month of all - even without that grief, but when one of them was sick and dying (pretty sure it was Dad - 21 years ago) I looked out my window and moaned with a kind of dispair, "February is just ugly." Here in Indiana it is usually brown (from grass having gone dormant), and if the ground isn't covered with snow, it's likely to be kind of muddy. Green is a month away and flowers at least two months. The thing is, right in the middle of February is when my middle son was born. That alone keeps me from hanging onto the dispair of how ugly is February. As soon as the thought enters my head, it is replaced with how wonderful is February. So, the answer to your question is yes. I experience a similar phenomenom, and often don't realize why I'm feeling down or lethargic until I look at the calendar and then I remember. Even if the anniversaries of my parents' passing aren't on my mind, it's like it's hardwired into me. And, honestly... I wouldn't want it not to be.

    As for those baby Yoda deviled eggs... Hilarious. Too cute. Someone is amazingly creative to have come up with that!


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