Friday, May 1, 2020

Friday Flash

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This will be my last post until Sunday.  The day off from blogging gives me a chance to get some major crafting done.  Hubby finished up the house cleaning today.  That means he can take tomorrow off too.  Since we really can not go anywhere..........BAM!  Extra crafting time.

Yesterday, I told you we were having Tinga Chicken for dinner.  OH GOODNESS!  It was so good.  We had left overs.  So, for today's lunch, I cut 4 corn tortillas into strips and fried them up a bit then added the left over Tinga.  When that was pretty well warmed up I added 4 eggs and scrambled them into the mix.  Just before the eggs were set I added shredded cheddar cheese for extra flavor.  So yummy!  Last night, we just made tacos with the Tinga and that was perfect too.  It was a bit spicy, which is ok with us.  We love spice.

I also showed you my production line of making face masks.  I am happy to say, I completed them all around 4pm yesterday and delivered them to my son's house straightway.  It felt good to have them out of the house.  Now my sewing table is all nice and cleaned off.  

Tonight I am making Tango Chicken salad from my Mr Food Cooking for 2 cookbook.  I have already mixed up the chicken with all the 'dressing' and it is in the fridge to make sure the flavors mingle.  We will put that on top of lettuce and throw 1/2 an avocado on top of that.  Super easy but so good during this hot weather.

While hubby was busy cleaning, I was busy stitching.  It is going so much faster than I believed it would.  The back stitching will take as long as the cross stitching did.  That's fine with me.  Back stitching really makes the piece pop.

Also, while hubby was cleaning, I had a little girl dog want to know when he was going to be done.

Poor old girl.  Luna is not a fan of the vacuum, mop or swifter duster.  She came and kept me company in our bedroom while I watched an old Disney flick.  She is one of the best dogs we have ever had.  It is hard for me to acknowledge she is almost 15 years old.

I am just waiting for the towels to finish drying.  Then it will be time to fold them and put them away.  I also went through my closet again today.  I got rid of a bunch of items I had not worn for the past year and do not see myself wearing in the future.  While doing that, I discovered 3 pair of capris I forgot I had.  How nice to find those.  I even have a pair on right now.  Capris are my main summer wear.  This lady does not do shorts.  Too scary for the public to see that much white leg.

Once the towels are all done, that will signal time for me to pick up a WIP and work on it until dinner time.  It is so nice to get all the daily items done before noon each day.  

Until next time.......................happy crafting & stay well!


  1. Okay... how have I never heard of Tinga Chicken??? I just looked it up and it looks really yummy!

    I've also been wanting to say how impressed I am that you and your hubs are such regular house cleaners. I've never cleaned house on a schedule, and you'd think with this lock-down I'd finally master that. But no.... I just marvel at those of you who are.

  2. You are a model of efficiency! YOu and your husband make a good team for sure. That Tinga/Tango either/or sounds really good and it is time to start getting out the summer time recipes! I need more capris as that is what I wear in the summer too. No shorts for this gal either! LOL! Take care and enjoy your Saturday!


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