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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Laid Back Wednesday

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Hubby and I decided to have a laid back day today.  Wanna know why?  Of course you do.  Okay!  Yesterday afternoon we were watching a bit of TV when we heard this huge wind come.  We get macrobursts of winds here periodically.  They can be quite damaging.  The we got yesterday picked up our sunsetter shade.

The SunSetter Oasis Freestanding Awning Motorized and Manually ...

Our shade is about 12 feet long and when opened 10 feet wide.  Of course, it was opened which is what made it possible for the macroburst to pick up the shade and turn it on it's side and dump it back down about 4 feet away from where it is supposed to be.  Hubby and I went outside as soon as we heard the wind.  It was too late.  So, being the independent people we are, we decided to go ahead and set it back up.  The thing weights close to 150 pounds.  Hubby grabbed one side and I grabbed the other.  As we were lifting it up hubby lost his grip.  Ya, not a pretty picture.  The metal frame came down on his arm, hard.  We thought he had broken it.  I ran over to him and saw it had taken quite a bit of skin off his forearm as well as several spots on his hand.  It was not broken but it was ugly.  Lucky for the both of us, I am not put off by the sight of bloody wounds.  I got him in the house, had him run water over the wounds while I prepared nonstick gauze pad, tape, peroxide and bandages.  It took about 20 minutes to get him fixed up.  Our son and grand daughter came over a bit later and between the 3 of us (hubby was grounded) we got the shade back up.  The shade is closed up for now and will remain that way until we decide to spend time in the pool.  I removed all the dressings today and right now we are leaving it open so it can dry up and scab over.  I will be nice and not post any photos of the wounds.  Hence the reason we are taking a laid back day today.  

I do have a couple of photos of other items though.

First up, meet Emilie!

This is my sourdough starter.  The rubber band is where it was this morning when I 'fed' it.  She is doing fantastic.  It will be ready by this weekend for me to start making bread.  I am so excited.  It only took 4 tries to get it to work.  This time I used Spelt flour for the initial flour and now I am using whole wheat to feed it.  Also, I am using a scales to measure the grams of flour and water I am putting in.  It is working quite well for me.

My other photo is of a FO.

One of the lapghans is together.  I just used a single crochet to join as I wanted a 'stain glass' look.  It isn't fancy but it worked for me.  I am in the process of putting the other lapghan together today.  The one I am working on now is going to be sent to my Mother in Law for her 93rd birthday, the end of this month.  It is being joined the same way but I have some ideas for the boarder.  Hopefully they will work the way I have envisioned.  

Our state is lifting their stay at home orders this Friday.  We have started phase 1 of opening back up businesses.  It will be interesting to see how it goes.  

Tonight we are going to my cousins place for an outdoor party for his 70th birthday.  Thank goodness our high today is only going to be 90.  Once the sun goes down it will drop quickly into the 80's.  I know that sounds horrible to most of you but here it is really not so bad.  It will be even better if there is a nice breeze.  We hardly have any humidity (18%).  

The dogs got their pedicure yesterday.  Man, they do not having that done.  Once we get them corralled, it only takes about 90 seconds per dog.  

Remember all those photos I went through and mailed out?  My niece just text me to thank me for the photos.  She said it made her day to see all of them.  I am so glad she liked them.  That means, everyone else should receive theirs today too.  Hopefully, everyone else will feel the same.  We took our son's over to him on Mothers day.  His family really enjoyed going through them too.

We just finished lunch and Hubby is trying hard not to do anything.  Doing nothing all day is not his style.  I keep offering to teach him to knit, crochet or cross stitch.  He, evidently, isn't that bored yet.  I could sure use the help, though. LOL

OK, Back to lapghan joining.

Until next time.......................happy crafting & stay well!


  1. Wow ! So glad your husband's arm was not broken ! You have the sourdough down to a science. My the lapghan is pretty ! I love the motif. Was it a relatively quick one to do ? We're you able to memorize it ? I love crocheted motifs and mandalas. You know I think I may try one this weekend. By the way your mother-in-law is going to love her gift.

  2. Ouch! So glad it wasn't worse though! I hope your sun thing wasn't damaged..it looks expensive! You are pretty brave getting out and about like you do. Of course, I don't socialize anyway so it doesn't bother me. Be careful and stay safe!
    I love your lattice squares and how they turned out. I think I am going to make a cover for Miss Grace's chair so I can pull it off and wash it as she gets hair all over it (she's a long-haired cat).
    Your sourdough looks great and the rubber band is a super idea! Glad your pictures were well received. I sent some out too and my daughter really appreciated them. I think everyone loves photos.
    I still think a 'dry' heat is much nicer. I know people joke about it but I have experienced both and living in a high humidity state I would take the dry heat any day compared to the humidity! Right now we don't have too much but it won't be long! Take care and I hope your husband heals up soon!

  3. OMGosh, your poor husband! What an owie he got. Mine's been getting estimates. He finally wants to get our front and back yards done, depending on the prices. I told him front first for sure, but the in back he'd like all pavers so maybe he can get a hoop and we can put out lounge chairs and shade contraption.


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