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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Out of the House!

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This morning, I got a call to go to my Grand Daughter's high school to pick up the gift cards we had ordered.  A percentage of what we pay for the cards goes towards her tuition.  I was so happy to be getting out for a bit of a drive.  It is a good 30 minute drive to her school.  

When I got there, I had to ring a bell and then a person came out, who was gloved and masked and handed me the gift cards in a Ziploc bag.  That was the extent of the transaction.  Everything else was done electronically.  

I will say, it was a beautiful morning outside.  So bright and sunny and just right as far as the temperature goes.  While I was out, I decided to stop by my local Goodwill store.  I needed two items to help with my sourdough making.  Fingers crossed I could find them at Goodwill.


My pretty blue hinged jar for Emilie, my starter.  I have other hinged jars but I wanted something pretty that will be sitting in my refrigerator in between times of making the bread.  Plus, there will not be anything else this color in there.  Easy to spot so I don't forget to feed it every week.

My other find was:

I needed a bowl other than metal for the dough to be mixed and to rise in.  Isn't this bowl pretty?  It is absolutely perfect.

My first try at making sourdough.  This is the beginning for the first rise.  It takes 6-10 hours for the rise to complete.  I am hoping this will be completed around 6pm tonight.  Then I need to knead and shape it and then let it do another short rise (about 30 to 60 minutes).  Then it is into the oven to bake for an hour.   If this works, there will be photos of it on my blog tomorrow.

As for the Goodwill store..................you could smell the Lysol out in the parking lot!  I am happy I didn't need to be in there very long.  It was really strong!  I doubt I was in there more than 15 minutes.  I still have the smell in my nose!  Hopefully, when I bake the bread, that will go away.

The dishwasher has been emptied, yesterday's purchased veggies cleaned, and conversations with some of the family completed.  I still need to make my overnight oats.  That will take care of my immediate 'to do's' other than knitting and stitching.  I did finally do some knitting last night.  Actually, I knit on two projects.  Today, I want to work on my sequin project for a while.  

Grand Daughter and I are trying to arrange a time for us to go to Hobby Lobby together.  She needs some painting supplies and I want to look at yarn and cross stitch.  She is all done with school until summer school starts.  That will be online too this year.  Hence the reason she needs painting supplies.  She has a lot of down time on her hands.  Painting is her craft of choice.  And yes, we will be wearing our masks while out and about as well as keeping physical distance.

WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!  That was strange.  Just as I finished the above paragraph, the Grand called and asked if we could go shopping in about 30 minutes!  Guess I better get this posted so I can go and grab a mask, get my walking shoes on and head out to pick up a cute teenager.

Until next time...................happy crafting & stay well!


  1. Your jar and bowl are gorgeous! Your sourdough looks delicious. I hope all goes well. I bet it was nice to get out for a drive. Enjoy your trip to HL with your grand!

  2. we take the 'long' way whenever we go out just to go for a drive :) Lovely jar I hope your starter is the best.

  3. Wow. Look at you go out! I'm making a trip to Joann's (next town north) to do a curb pick-up of some yarn that was on sale and I needed. I've never done a curb pick-up of anything yet during this COVID time. And then I think I'm heading into Fresh Thyme and Aldi for some groceries. I haven't been inside either of these stores since I don't even remember. Winter at the most recent. Your dough rising bowl is beautiful! You are making me want to try my hand again at 5-min-a-day bread (it's not sourdough, but it's a no-knead bread that takes hours and hours to rise. You've made me realize I think I have bowl just perfect for it!

  4. Wow, 6-10 hours for a sourdough rise? Didn't know that. I"m waiting for the email to say when former sophomores can go to the school to empty out their lockers. Seniors start Th & F of this week.


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