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Monday, May 25, 2020


Canfield Memorial Day observance scaled back due to coronavirus ...

I am posting early today.  No special reason, just was up early and wanted to get a few things done quickly so I could have lots of crafting time today.

We had a very enjoyable time, yesterday, at our son's home.  There were not as many folks there as he had predicted.  That made it quite easy to physical distance.  We spent 99% of the time in the backyard.  Thank goodness for the great shade they have back there.  Otherwise, we would all have been the color of lobsters.  The 3 teens stayed in the pool for most of the day.  My hubby got thrown into the pool by our Grand Daughter.  He played with the girls for quite a while too.  I stayed on dry land and enjoyed the laughter and fun.  Around dusk, the mosquitoes decided I was quite delicious.  That was my cue to head home.  

On our way to our son's home, we stopped at Sam's club to pick up a camp chair for the hubby.  We ended up with 2 camp chairs.  The were under $20 each and hold up to 325 pounds!  We do have some heavy people in the family so we were happy to see ANYONE could sit in these chairs without an issue.  I like them because the seat is not all sloppy and does not sit low to the ground.  It is a nice firm flat seat and the arms are sturdy.  That makes it quite easy for me to get in and out of the chair.

By 9pm last night, the day finally caught up with me.  Having gotten up at 5am and then spending 5 hours out in the heat................yup, I was toast.  I went to bed and read for about 20 minutes before I turned out the light.  Next thing I know, it is 5am and I am wide awake.  It does not bother me to wake up early.  That gives me quite a bit of quiet time to do things around the house without interruptions.  This morning I got the dog's chicken in the crockpot, washed up some crystal wine glasses by hand, cleaned the kitchen sinks, got my crafts ready to work on today and fed the dogs.  

I found this little tidbit today and thought it might be good to post it here.

Next Monday is Memorial Day ... last... - MSB Analytics, Inc ...

I know, before I had a child in the military, I thought all these days were for the same reason.  Have you had any relatives in the service?  Have any of them not made it home?  Hubby and I have been blessed to have had all our family members 'survive' their time in the service and war.  Hubby's Uncle was actually in the Bataan Death March in WWII.  He made it home but it changed him forever.  We both have had uncles, dads, siblings and children in the military.  We will never be able to fully understand all they went through in wartime.  But we will forever be thankful for their service.

So, for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom..................my thanks goes out to you as well as my prayers for you and your families.  RIP


  1. My husband's father and numerous uncles, served in WW II and Korea. One died at Anzio in WWII and another survived the war, but was killed (along with his wife) in a car accident after he came home. All others survived to old age, though I believe only three in that generation of the family are still living. DH sure is proud of them all for their service - rightly so. I am grateful for those who've served, are still serving, and the many who have died in service to our country.

  2. Both of my grandfathers served in WWII. My dad was in the Army Reserve and I have a cousin who was in the Airforce. I don't know anyone who wasn't able to come home safely from military service.


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