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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Photo-less Tuesday

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Sorry, there are no photos today.  I should have taken one though.  You see, I got brave and desperate.  I asked hubby to please cut the back of my hair.  It really isn't too hard since it is basically shaved down to 1/4 inch.  I parted and pinned the hair up that I wanted to keep.  I even picked out the blade for the razor and handed it to him.  

I must say...............he did a fantastic job.  He even evened out the bottom of my neck where my hair grows into a 'V'.  He made it nice and straight.  Oh my, what a difference.  My neck no longer feels like there are little bugs on it all the time.  (that was from the hair touching it)  In fact, my pixie cut is now almost a bob!  I have about 1 more inch to grow by my ears and it will be able to be cut into an A-line bob!  It is amazing what 3 months of undisturbed growth can do.  I figure in another month to 6 weeks it will be ready for it's bob cut.  That one I will do at a salon.  I would have done this at a salon but the wait time is still over 2 hours.  

Other than that, I have done 2 loads of laundry today.  I am now caught up on that.  Hubby has vacuumed all the little dust bunnies from the house.  He also took a sample of pool water in to be tested.  Our chemicals are A-OK!  

It is now time for lunch.  I still have a dishwasher to empty, dog toe nails to cut, and work on connecting crocheted squares together.  The flat braid join, I was going to use, did not make me happy.  I am going to try a different one today.  Fingers crossed I like it.  

Our temperatures have dropped below 100 for the next several days.  That means the pool temp has dropped below Marsha's comfort level.  It will be another couple of weeks before it gets back to my liking.  I will take the cooler weather though.  It really got too hot too quickly this year.  (Maybe it will kill the virus here then)

Are any of you still looking for yeast?  My dear friend let me know that the King Arthur Flour website has S-A-F yeast there for sale.  It comes in a one pound bag and is very reasonably priced.  King Arthur Flour is also excellent flour in case you need any of that too.

Until next time.........................happy crafting & stay well!


  1. Good golly you are very brave and I'm so glad you are happy with his hair cutting skills! Mine keeps growing and growing!!

  2. I'm thinking you might never go swimming in Indiana. Outdoor public pools are cold! All summer long. Brave you are to have your DH cut your hair. Hats off to him for doing a good job. I've cut my own hair for years, so that's one thing that hasn't changed in this pandemic!

  3. I cut my husband beard with an electric shaver. I spent about an hour watching YouTube channels before I did it. It wasn't hard but it wasn't as good as the barber either. But it isn't a big deal if you aren't. going any where which we aren't.

  4. Good for hubby! thanks for the tip about King Arthur. I looked several weeks ago but hadn't in a while. I have bread flour but that's all. In the 90's? I would jump in that pool!

  5. YAY for a good job. My mom once had a ball shaving my undercuts down. I mow the lawn/shave the husband's head about every 4-6 weeks. He likes a 3 all around with tapered sideburns and the back of neck up to his occipital bone.


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