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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Bloomin' Thursday

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Happy Thursday, everyone.  Did you miss me?  I got busy yesterday and by the time I was ready to blog, it was a bit late and I was tired.  

The boxes of photos have been completed and most of them are now put into envelopes and are just waiting to be addressed and mailed out.  One of them will need to hang around my house for a little while longer.  The recipient is not in his home because of the virus.  He is in another state waiting for his state to open up so he and his wife can head back home.  

The cross stitch I was working on is also completed and I got it pressed and in it's frame today.  

It was so much fun to do.  I have started another stitching project.

This project is just sewing sequins and beads in the designated spots.  It says I could use craft glue but I prefer to sew the items.  With the heat we have here, I am afraid the glue would not last long since my Christmas decor is stored in an outside shed.

Last night, hubs and I went to our BFF's house.  They left this morning to take their Daughter In Law to TX to be with her husband.  Those young newly weds have been apart for 6 months, thanks to the virus.  He is in the Army and has not been allowed to be further than 100 miles from his base.  We went over to tell her goodbye and I also gave her 6 dishcloths.  She was so happy to have them.  She said she always envied the cloths I made for my BFF.  It was nice to see her but so hard to say goodbye.  

Today I have been busy in the kitchen.  I cleaned out the fridge.  Found a few science experiments in the back of it.  Then I cleaned up all the fresh veggies we had in there so we could have them at the ready for snacks.  There was also ground beef and deli meats that got vacuum sealed and frozen.

I am now trying to decide what join to use on the Victorian lace squares.  I am leaning towards the flat braid join.  Will try it out yet today and see how it looks.

I need to show you this:

This is the peace lily I received when we had the celebration of life for my mom.  It is now 2 years old.  It has 8 blooms on it and stands 3 feet tall.  It has more than doubled in size since I got it from my dear friend.  It sits in a north window and gets watered once a week.  I trim off the dead leaves and blooms as needed.  Other than that, I have not messed with it since I transplanted it over a year ago.  

Hubby just informed me the pool is 84F.  That is where I finally will get into it.  I will be going in there this afternoon.  But first.................I need to find the sunscreen.  Getting sunburned is not on my to do list today LOL.

I got a hold of my hair dresser this week.  Since salons are supposed to be able to open on Friday (tomorrow) I was trying to find out what the new procedure would be.  I am glad I talked to her.  They will not be opening until next week.  Possibly on Wednesday.  They have not totally worked out all the bugs yet, so I am on standby.  

Dine in restaurants and coffee shops are supposedly going to open starting tomorrow.  Hubby and I do not see any reason to dine in anywhere yet.  We have been quite happy with calling for our food to be take out.  In fact, we are going to do that for Mother's Day.  Our local owned Italian restaurant has a special running for Mother's Day and I asked for that for my meal that day.  Hubby had no problem agreeing to that LOL.  

Time to publish this and get my sunscreen on.

Until next time...............happy crafting & stay well!



  1. I did miss you, actually. lol I came in earlier to see if you'd written anything new yet today. I am impressed that you got all those photos sorted and ready to mail out already. I love the cross stitch! Seeing it with two humming birds really does complete it.

    How sweet was the response to your gift of dishcloths. How sweet will be the reunion of those two newlyweds. Gee, I teard up a bit reading that.

  2. I am feeling the same about restaurants. Even stores. Just about anything with people. I am in no rush. I want to see what happens as things open up. I am happy to let others be the volunteer guini pigs. The virus can be just too brutal for folks in my age bracket.

  3. Look at you go with the cross stitch! It's gorgeous!!! The other looks so pretty from Jim Shore. Pool time...lucky you! Your Mother's Day dinner sounds wonderful. I decided to grill brats and make some potato salad. Enjoy!

  4. That nativity cross stitch is going to be one heck of a design to work on. A friend of mine was supposed to get married before spring break but had to postpone b/c her husband who's in the Army had that similar travel restriction and he's all the way in DC I think. How nice to have a pool. When it's hella hot here, like yesterday was 91°, I wish for a pool. Thankfully there is a strong breeze about. My sinuses are bugging me though.


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