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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Just Stuff

The Just Stuff Podcast

Hi everybody.  How is your Tuesday going?  Mine is having it's ups and downs.  Let's talk about the ups first.  Okay?

Y'all know I have been receiving treasures in the mail, lately.  What I have forgotten to show you are the books I am receiving.

Firefly Lane: A Novel: Hannah, Kristin, Ericksen, Susan ...

I am reading this book at the moment.  My goal is to read all of Kristin Hannah's books.  I do like her style of writing.  So far I have read 14 of them.  I have 2 that have been started but I could not get into them.  I will try them again at a later date.

Fly Away (Firefly Lane, #2) by Kristin Hannah

This will be the next one I will read.  It kind of goes along with the one I am reading now.

Waiting For The Moon : Kristin Hannah : 9780449149096

This is one of her earlier works and I just got it today.  

Resultado de imagem para kristin hannah books (com imagens ...

My daughter has this book.  She said I can read it as soon as she is done with it.  There are four other books this author has written I do not have.  Unfortunately, one of them will not be in my library as it is now a collectors item and runs anywhere from $55.69 - $180.90 for a copy of it.  Another one of the books is also a bit out of my price range of $38-$40.  Neither of them are available on Kindle or Audio books.  Oh Well.

This morning I have completed 2 loads of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, gotten dinner in the crockpot and did a little work on some knitting.  Lunch is over and I have a Hallmark movie on.  As soon as I post this, I will work on my sequin project for a while.    

Talked to my Mother in Law and she LOVES her lapghan I sent her.  She received it the end of last week and says it is perfect for when she lays down to take a little rest.  It covers her all the way to her shoulders.  Have I told you my MIL is not even 5 feet tall?  So, yes, a lapghan is like an afghan for her.  I am so happy she likes it.  

Now for the downs of today.  My son's family had to say goodbye to a  fur baby.

This is Howie.  He was 17 years old but had some health conditions that were not going to allow him to see 18.  They adopted him 6 months after they got married.  He was not the friendliest cat but once he liked you, you could not get him to leave you alone.  It took almost 2 years before he would love on me.  I was sorry to hear he went to the rainbow bridge today but he was in terrible pain.  (lung cancer and arthritis in his hips)  My heart goes out to the family.  The hardest thing we humans ever have to do is say goodbye to our pets.

Time to pull out my sequin project and enjoy some crafting time.

Until next time.......................happy crafting & stay well!


  1. Sorry about Howie. Not surprised that your MIL loves her lapgham. Happy reading to you.

  2. so sorry about your family's cat, so sad! I discovered rediscovered my county's traveling library that has oodles of books for me and I can do curbside pickup june 1st! This is ground breaking :)

  3. Aw, sorry to read about Howie. Always hard to say goodbye to a beloved fur baby.

  4. So sorry for the loss of Howie. It sure leaves a void in your life. I knew your MIL would love the lapghan you made for her! I am reading The Nightingale right now. It is good but it is on my pc and I can't get my books over to my tablet! Not fun to read from a desktop! LOL!
    I need to try more of her books. Isn't that crazy how those prices go up when they're out of print? It is fun to find a good author and lots of books they have written. You're so motivating and I can relate to you when you talk about your chores!


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