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Sunday, May 3, 2020


Hello and happy Sunday to you all.  It is another 'warm' and sunny day here.  My pool is ready for me to hop into it.  Yet, today will not be that day.  Too much going on and I will not really be at home much today anyway.

Let's talk about my progress this week. 

I continue to work on the High Effects Feather and Fan shawl.  

Slowly but surely it continues to grow.  This is probably my favorite item to work on while watching TV.  Other than the fact it is getting a little warm to sit under.  The little gray/blue owl is where I was last Sunday.  

I still have this much yarn to go.  I have used well past half of the skein.  This will be a long shawl when I complete it.  It will not matter to me though.  There have been times when I wished I had a longer shawl so I could wrap myself in it more.  This will be that shawl.

Of course there were hubby's socks to work on this week too.

The markers show where I was last Sunday.  I need about 1 inch more before I start the heels.  Trying to decide if I want to take these with me today or not.  Oh the choices I have.

I think I am done with my Victorian Squares.

I now have 40 squares which will make 2 laghans for the prayer shawl ministry.  I only have enough yarn to make 3 mores square anyway.  Now I need to decided how I want to attach these together.  I will be using black yarn to attach them.  Any suggestions on what you think would be the best way to attach them?  Please let me know.  It has been YEARS since I have done squares.  That means I am way out of practice on attaching.

Then my newest/oldest craft.

Cross stitch.  The bird on the right still needs some more color added.  After that, I will be doing a daisy stitch on the flowers for their stamens and then it will be all black from there to finish up the birds and do back stitching.  Not sure I will have it completed by next week, but it could happen.

I was hoping to get a lot of knitting done yesterday and yet, I never picked up my needles.  We got a call from our son asking for some home improvement help.  We went over about 1 with the thoughts we would only be there for a few hours.  By the time we got home it was 9pm!  We did have a nice dinner there but my poor husband.  They are laying stone tiles on a wall.  They ran out of mortar just shy of half way up. Of course, all the hardware stores were closed by that time.  So we will be back over there today to help finish it up.  Today, I will take a project along to work on though.

What?  You want to know about the social isolation?  Well, we have all been pretty much apart for 6 weeks.  My husband is the only one who has shown any signs of illness and that ended over 2 weeks ago.  None of us hugged or even touched for the entire day (which was really hard for this lady).  There comes a time when a person can only take so much of being away from her family.  I have reached that point.  Yes, I have dropped over to my son's house a few times in the past month, but have never gotten closer than 6 feet and have always sanitized hands upon walking out the door.  

Now, if we are heading out into public, we have our masks on as well as a bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse or pocket.  We are not completely crazy LOL.  Our Governor has also started to open a few things up in our state.  Hair salons are still on the 'stay closed' list, darn it!  How about where you live?  Have any of the restrictions been eased up a bit yet?  Costco has put into effect the " you must wear a face mask", starting May 4th, to shop there.  There are so many people screaming about that and wanting to know if Costco is going to supply the masks.  Really?  Just because a restaurant requires shirt and shoes to enter does not mean they will supply those items.  Costco already is sanitizing every cart after use. (most of our stores are doing that now)  I figure, using a mask for a bit while doing my shopping is not going to hurt me.  I have done one thing though.  I now carry a ziploc bag in my purse and as soon as I am done with my shopping, I put my mask in there.  When I get home, I put hot water in the bag as well as a bit of soap.  I let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinse it again in hot water.  The mask then goes in the laundry room to be added to a load of laundry to finish it up.  Good think hubby and I have 5 masks each!

In other news, we lost another friend this past week.  He was shot by his wife and died 10 days later.  Needless to say, hubby and I were totally shocked.  We had no idea there were domestic problems in their lives.  Whenever we were with them, they seemed totally devoted to each other.  WOW!  What goes on behind closed doors.......one never knows.

I hope all of you are doing well. 

Until Next Time................Happy Crafting & Stay Well and Safe!


  1. I’m so sorry about your friend. I know here in the UK domestic violence helplines and the police have had more calls. Must be such a shock. I can understand why you’ve wanted to see your son and seems you are taking sensible precautions. No let up here on restrictions but other than missing the beach walks with the dog I am now used to the routine. Your cross stitch is so pretty, such a lovely shade of pink on the flowers.

  2. Our state has never been 'closed' but businesses have closed because no one showed up. I go nowhere and see no one. My family is in Iowa and there is no one here so it's not hard for me.
    I love those socks and your shawl is lovely! Sorry about your friend. I was in an abusive marriage years ago and in those days there was no help. I did threaten him with a knife once when he came at me. He was smart to back off! Anyone can be pushed too far. Stay well and stay safe!

  3. Sorry about your friend. Our state will state to ease restrictions on the 20th....

  4. Oh my that is so shocking about your friend. I am so sorry. Good idea you have about the facemask and how you deal with it once you are home. I will follow your lead. As you can read in my blog, our province is being very cautious still - probably because of our close shared border with usa and also there has been two big outbreaks in poultry plants which were community contacts. I did go out for a walk today - but my anxiety whenever I saw someone, had me heading home earlier then I planned. You have a pool? oh my goodness, if I was there I would be in it ALL the time. Good on you and your hubby for helping with the brick and mortar work. So glad your family is close enough to see each other.

  5. so sorry about your friend and his wife, that must have been a shock. You never know about people. I love your projects and how you are keeping track of the progress. I am ready to resume cross stitching today after a weekend break. It definitely feels like Monday when you switch up the routine!

  6. Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend and his wife. What a shock and heartbreak that must be for you and others who know them.

    As of this week we are starting to open up here in Indiana (though we are bordered by two counties that are opening up later than ours is). DH and I don't expect to see our lives changing much in the near future, though, as we're waiting on insurance approval to cover a surgery for hubs - which means we're taking the same care to not get sick.

  7. No change here - there may be some change on Sunday, but we don't want to risk a second peak.
    Your socks are great and the cross stitch is lovely.

  8. Like whoa that news about your friends. Sorry that happened. I like the colors you used for your squares. There has been a little bit of easing in terms of restrictions but it's the same ol.


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