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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Kitchen Duty

Kitchen Duty | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images

It feels like I have spent most of my day in the kitchen.  I don't mind kitchen duty.  The process of creating yummy food for hubby and I is something I enjoy doing.  Does anyone else enjoy cooking/baking?

Last night I made out our menus for the next 10 days.   Once the menus were made, the grocery list got completed. Wednesday is our normal grocery shopping day.  This week grocery shopping will be Wednesday and Thursday.  Hubby went to Costco, Winco, and Safeway for us and I went to Sprouts.  Tomorrow I will go to Kroger for the last 2 items.  That takes care of our weekly shopping.  Our stores do not have a lot of people shopping in them during the day.  So many people are back to work, it frees up the congestion quite a bit now.  

After I got home, I got busy in the kitchen.  First thing I did was throw a loaf of bread in the bread machine.

I just pulled it out of the pan 5 minutes ago.  The house smells so wonderful.

While that was busy being made, overnight oats got prepared.

This is my favorite breakfast.  I eat them cold in the summer.  Not having made them in the winter, I do not know if I will heat them up then or not.  My oats are made with skim milk, pure maple syrup, cinnamon, non-fat greek yogurt, blueberries and old fashioned oats.  Very yummy.

I also made a half dozen hard boiled eggs.  Some of them will be going into our cobb salad tonight for dinner.  The cobb salad will help use up the leftover bacon I cooked last week.  It will also help use up some lettuce that needs to be used as well as grape tomatoes.  I did splurge and bought a small container of blue cheese today for the salad.  I know, lots of people can not stand blue cheese.  Hubby and I love it.

After all of that, I cleaned out the fridge and got it arranged (again) to the way I like it.  I don't understand how it gets so unorganized.  There are only two of us living here and I thought we took things out and put them back in the place they were before.  Hmmmm.....maybe we have gremlins that mess in the fridge when we are sleeping.

After all that excitement, I sliced up some cheddar cheese and pepper jack cheese for our lunch.  Today, we had cheese, crackers and little beef bites.

I also replaced the elastic cords on hubby's face masks.  The ones I used for his did not have very much give to them.  I replaced them with the ones I used for my masks.  He tried them on and was very pleased with the fit.  I need to make some more masks too.  My Grand Daughter's BFF asked if I would make her a mask as well as one for her mom and Great Grandma.  How could I say no....................she is like a grand daughter to me.  So, three more masks to be made.  Hopefully by the end of this week, I will have them done.

I got some more treasures in the mail yesterday.

Three sets of straight needles arrived.  The sizes are US 6, US 7, and US 8.  I got them to make dishcloths with.  Circulars are what I was using but the cable was driving me nuts.  These are much easier to work with for the cloths.  

Isn't this pretty?  My new knitting pin.  The magnet on this one is super duper strong!  I like the hook on this one too.  It will be great for any weight of yarn.  The yarn in there is DK.  Butterflies remind me of my mom and the color purple is my all time favorite color.  

Even the back of the pin is pretty.

I have one more treasure I am waiting for...........................a 3.5 inch embroidery hoop.  That should end my treasures for a while.  Maybe, LOL.

Tomorrow, I will be making some banana bread and taking it to my son's house.  Hopefully it will cheer them up a little bit.  There will be chocolate chips in it again.  I heard that was a big hit with them.

Time to head into my craft room and cut out some face masks.

Until next time.................happy crafting & stay well!


  1. Oh, you are my inspiration! You get so much done and you have many good ideas. I love your knitting pins. I like straight needles but I always poke myself or they go up my sleeves! LOL!
    Your bread looks good and I need to order a new paddle for mine. I lost it. I need to try the chocolate chips in the banana bread. You are such a giving person. You really walk the talk when it comes to your faith. I'm sure God smiles when he looks down on you.
    Stay safe and well!
    Hugs ~ Sam

  2. Always fun to get fun snail mail.

  3. What a happy post. The only time I don't like to cook is if I'm just too tired. Mostly, I enjoy cooking and even grocery shopping. Sometimes it's hard to push myself out the door to do it (especially in this time we're in), but once I'm there I can literally grocery shop for an hour or more. And yes... I almost always come out with something new or something I didn't plan on getting. This week I've been working at perfecting cooking rice - lol. At age 61 I finally decided it was time to do it and I think I've found the recipe that produces rice pretty much as I get it at the Chinese restaurant. And your knitting pin is so pretty. You've made me curious again about this method. Is it Portuguese knitting that you do?


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