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Sunday, January 3, 2021



Hello everyone and welcome.  Pull up a chair, grab something to drink and a little snack and let's talk about what has been happening here at Casa de Noce.


I am quite proud of myself.  I managed to stay monogamous to the Havana this past week.  In doing that, it has grown significantly since last Sunday.

There were 46 rows added to it in the past week.   That leaves 96 rows left before it is completed.

Here it is stretched out on our family room floor.  Once the crocheting is done, the twisted fringe edging will need to be evened up so it looks a bit more 'professional'.  Once that is done, it will be finding it's way to it's new owner.  If all goes well, and nothing major comes up, I think I could have this done in 2 weeks.  We will see.


I have not given up on decluttering.  In fact, starting tomorrow, I will be joining the 91 day declutter challenge.  I did this several years ago but life got in the way and I dropped it after the first 6 weeks.  This year, hubby has decided to join me on the journey.  That will be a big help.  YOP blogger, Becki, has totally inspired me to really get this house cleaned out of all non-essential items.  I know 91 days will not be enough time to completely get every area of our property decluttered, but it will do most of our home.  Our backyard sheds will be on us to do after the house is done.


There has been some baking done over the past few days.  

I am in love with my Jubilee pan from King Arthur Baking Company.  It makes our 'quick' bread so pretty.  This one is Wild Blueberry from Krusteaz.  Our local Kroger has had these mixes on sale for the past month.  It is the perfect bread to have for breakfast.  Next one to be made is Meyer Lemon Pound Cake.  It too, will be made in this pan.

There has also been sourdough bread made over the past few days.  No photo this time.  It looks just like the last loaf I made.


Did any of you do anything exciting for New Years Eve or for New Years Day?  Being an owner of two dogs, we stay home New Years Eve.  We have neighbors that think it is wonderful to shot off fireworks from 6:30 until well after midnight.  My dogs are not a fan of the noise.  My oldest dog got so worked up this year she refused to eat dinner and was panting from nerves.

This is where they stayed most of the evening.  If they weren't buried in the chair with me, they were under my hubby's arms.  Don't get me wrong.  I have not issue with fireworks.  My main concern is, we are in a bit of a drought and so, everything around us is extremely dry.  Fire hazards are high right now.  That being said, I will say, our neighbors were very good about cleaning up after themselves once it was all over.  Oh, and when I say neighbors, I am talking about ALL of them.  We live in a corner house so we got it from three different sides.

What would a new year be without a new journal.  This year I have something totally different for me.  It is less of a journal and more of just a planner.

Hubby saw this on one of his websites he visits and thought it would be fun for me.  Instead of me needing to make my own pages, this one already has all the dates and times in it so it is easy for me to add my 'to do' list to each day.  Since my journals in the past were mostly bullet journals with 'to do' lists, this fits the bill quite nicely.  There are also pages where I can track my exercises and devotions.  In the back there are recipes related to holidays or special feast days on our church.  For January 6th it has the recipe for a King Cake in honor of the three Wiseman that went to Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus.  No, I am not make one but it was fun to read about it and all the ingredients that goes into it.  There is also a section for activities to do with children.  Since I do not have any small ones living at home, I will probably not do those either.  Yet, again, it is fun to read them and the reasoning behind each activity.

There are pages in the back to write or paste in my own recipes as well as prayer requests I receive.  It took me over a week to totally get it set up to my satisfaction.  There may still need to be some tweaking over the next few day, but as of last night, I think I have it where it will work well for me.


Thank you for all the well wishes for my son in law and for myself.  My son in law is doing quite well but still has that nasty fatigue that goes with Covid.  He has another week off of work and then will be out of his 14 day quarantine.  His wife (our daughter) will receive another test this week to make sure she did not contract the virus and if she is clear, then she will be heading back to work as well.

As for me...................I am surviving.  LOL  Luckily, my shingles were caught early and I was started on an anti-viral drug right away.  It seems to be helping as most of them are already scabbed over.  The itching is what is the worse.  Yesterday was the first day I had any real pain with them but as of this morning, it has subsided quite a bit.  I will be talking to my rheumatologist about receiving the Shingrix injection.  Thank you to whoever posted about that on my last post.  I do not want to go through this again.

It is time for me to do a little housework and then settle in to work on the Havana blanket.

Until Next Time..................................Happy Crafting & Stay Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS:  I have added links to all items discussed on this page.  If you want more info on anything talked about on here, click the link and it will appear in a new window.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I was going to join a new year declutter, but I'm not really in the headspace right now! I hope you share your progress, I find it motivating!! Hopefully in the spring I feel the urge to really do away with a lot of unnecessary items.

    Your Havana is beautiful, great color choices.

    What a lovely planner idea! I like the IDEA of making my own pages... but lack the artistic skill or desire to maintain that level of commitment. I agree that its fun to be able to use a framework and add your own creative flourishes.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Oh, I am so sorry you have shingles. A woman at work was off 6 months due to shingles. So I got the vaccine as soon as I was able!! Hope the fatigue gets better for your son-in-law. My son's girlfriend says she still feels fatigued and it's been over 2 months. I worry about her as she starts college while working nearly fulltime if this fatigue doesn't get better by the end of the month.

    What a thoughtful hubby. Your journal sounds terrific. Suggestion - maybe instead of or in addition to your "to do" list - record 3 gratefuls. I try to keep a grateful journal but don't always remember to do it everyday.

    Thanks for sharing the pan from King Arthur. It is really pretty. Don't you just love Krusteaz mixes!! My favorite is the cinnamon coffee cake. Make it for Christmas morning every year.

  3. Your Havana is beautiful. I love that planner - I always love the thought of journaling but run out of time - I have settled on a meal planner this year!

  4. Your Havana is looking terrific! Good for you. As time goes by, it seems I become more and more monogamous in my crafting. I tend to think I just need live to be simpler, or maybe my mind is growing more simple. ;^) I hope to find the motivation to get back to Making Space. We've brought home things of my brother's for some temporary safe keeping and that is certainly going to create a bit of a hindrance. OTOH, it's also making me want to clear the house, so maybe in time it will prove to be a motivator.

  5. Wow, I missed a lot...I'm sorry you had the shingles, they are nasty!! My friend who has battled cancer twice in the past three years also contracted shingles...because of her I have received the vaccine...(well I'm getting the second one on Wednesday) the one I got has two injections taken 2-6 months apart......

    Your Havana looks great...nice job...I am not very monogamous....I get bored or my hands and joints hurt and I have to use different needles and or hooks....

    I have tried journaling....just not for me...I hope this new one works for you...

  6. I'm so sorry you had shingles! I know I've mentioned it on my blog and I got the shingrix right before COVID and had to go back for the 2nd injection during COVID. I hope your SIL gets better with no complications. Your bread is so pretty and your Havanna is really coming along! Enjoy your new planner!

  7. Oh my I missed that you had shingles and your son had CoVid - I am sending you all blessings and healthful prayers. Your Havana looks great - the next one I make I think I will have one primary colour throughout and try the fringe too.
    Yes, our cat was put in the bedroom for the midnight pots and pan banging and bugling. There were a few fireworks around 9pm, but I don't think I noticed any at midnight. The cat was not amused.
    I would be worried too with fires and tinder dry land. It is so wet here these days there is no worry of that.

  8. Your Havana is so pretty and really flying off the hook now. I am also doing the same 91 day decluttering challenge and woke up thinking about particular items that don’t fit any more. If I threw out everything that was tight or didn’t fit my wardrobe and drawers would be pretty empty, but the volume of clothes I have is crazy, i will see how I get in today with the clothes in my wardrobe and the suitcase of summer clothes too...surprisingly her list of tasks doesn’t have a day to deal with the overflow suitcases haha. I’m glad to hear you are feeling a little better. We are lucky our dog doesn’t mind fireworks, just the postman, pigeons, being left alone, other dogs, other men she has issues with 🙄

  9. Well this post is just chock full of stuff that caught my eye. First off that blanket is mosaic crochet!!! I have that designers Queen blanket pattern and the kit for the large blanket! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and seeing your blanket and the link I followed it to Ravelry - and there is was - the designer and the mosaic technique. Beautiful.

    And that planner is just beautiful. I don’t keep much more than to-dos and appointments and that book has so much more. But designed beautifully.

    And Shingles!! I have had them twice. Once when I was 30 and it was a small patch which I recovered fro easily. The last episode was about 8 years ago, I thought they would pass quickly like when I was 30. WRONG! They were terrible and lasted for a month. I waited too long to seek treatment and the anti-viral meds marginally helped. I got a lecture about waiting too long from my doctor - who said I was risking a permanent condition by waiting! Yikes! As soon as I was healed I inquired about the shingles shot. My doctor said I should wait because the shot they had then was marginally good. A new one was coming out. So I waited and I got the new shot a few years ago (2 shots actually). Like you I never wanted to go through that again. Totally unpleasant - shingles made me very sick the second time and I didn’t want to find out what it would do a third time.

    I will look forward to following your decluttering progress. It is always inspiring to see what others are doing.

  10. beautiful journal! Gotta love a new one. I thought you already did a big declutter! I am a wannabe on that front. I'm trying to chill out for this year.

  11. Oh my, your Havana is coming out so lovely! I'm sorry to hear about the shingles -- my sister just got them and I know it's seriously no fun. I'm glad your s-i-l is recovering and fingers crossed that your daughter is clear. Have a great week and good luck with the decluttering!

  12. How does this "staying monogamous to a project" work, pray tell? LOL. Your Havanna looks great, I can't wait to see it finished. As for the shingles, my sympathies - been there, done that, been on sick leave for months with it! And all the best to your son in law, hope he'll be better soon.

  13. Oh, that pan you have is beautiful! Love how what you bake comes out.


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