Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Making Space in my Craft Room......Day 1


Yesterday, I told y'all I would be going into my craftroom this week to start the decluttering in there.  I knew it would take quite a bit of time to completely go through that entire room as well as its walk-in closet.  I am dividing the room into 4 sections and the closet will be done in 2 sections.  

Today's sections was the wall that houses my rolling file cabinet, cricut desk and rolling cart that has a stereo on it as well as several drawers in it.  I spent about 4 hours in there today working on that one section.  Let me just say, I must have learned my storage skills from my mother.  LOL  I had flat items against the wall with the desk and rolling cart holding them there.  I was amazed at how many items I was 'rat holing'.  There were many items that got tossed into the trash and lots of items that went into the recycling bin.

Here is a photo of what is going to be heading to Goodwill this weekend.

From the top:  My mom's hearing aids and glasses will be going to the Lion's Club not Goodwill.  Second row: 31 cassette tables, 13 skeins of Sashay yarn and 2 bags.  (One is a bag for the cricut and the other is a bag I got from the mortuary when my mom passed.  Bottom row:  4 ruffled scarves, incense dish, wired ear buds, designer necklace with wooden box and rotating night light.

That is section one completed.  I have a file folder to go through that has all my mom's important documents in it.  Some I will need to keep and others will be shredded.  It really hit hard today, when going through this section of the room.  I found all the cards, photos, church bulletins etc from my mom's death and funeral.  It completely tore me up.  The tears came and there was nothing I could do to stop them.  I did not realize how much I missed her and all the good times we had together.  I am cherishing all those special moments we had. 

   I did find something very special while working in section one.

My sweet friend in Las Vegas sent this to me at Christmas time.  She is the one I call all the time when I run into an issue with stitches or terminology I don't understand.  This is the book she uses to answer my questions.  Now I don't need to call her in a panic anymore LOL.  I have been browsing through it and have found so many helpful ideas already.  If you need a fantastic book to help you in your knitting, this is the one to get.

Other than cleaning section one of the CR, I also took Enrique to Petco to get his rabies vaccine today.  He was not thrilled with the trip as it was still raining.  He had to walk in the rain to get into the building.  He is such a wussy about getting wet.  He doesn't know it, but starting this week, he and I are going to start walking again..............every day.  I was shocked when they weighed him today.  He is 5-7 pounds above what he should be.  Rain or shine, we are going to walk until it gets too hot for his feet to be on pavement.  Of course, that means Luna gets to walk too.  I have a double harness for them so I only need to use 1 leash.  It is pretty funny to watch them walk together.  Luna does not like to stop for anything.  Enrique loves to sniff EVERYTHING.  So, Luna is always yanking him along on the walks.  Me?  I just hold onto the leash and let Luna take over.  For being 14, she is pretty spry and has plenty of spunk.

I was going to bake bread today but never got around to it.  It may still happen tonight after dinner.  The house will smell so good when we go to bed.  

Tomorrow, I will start on section 2 of the CR.  Hubby and I need to leave around 12:30 to go have lunch with the Grand Daughter and our adopted grand daughter (it is Josie's BFF since kindergarten). After lunch, I will be taking her to her school for school photos.  Then hubby and I will stay with her for a little while.  She and my hubby are working on a current events project for one of her classes.  That means I get to play with Thor while they are busy with homework.  Maybe the adopted GD, Thor and I will walk about the neighborhood for a little bit.  Work some of his energy off of him.

Time to pick up some knitting and work on it.  I completely ignored knitting last night.  Just didn't feel the urge to knit.  

Until next time......................................................................


  1. you are on a roll with the clutter de clutter. You are my inspiration :)

  2. I can imagine the emotions that were stirred as you went through things of your mother's and things pertaining to her funeral. You're doing a great job, Marsha.

  3. Good job. I did a bit of decluttering this week and the standard cleaning. Our house is finally ready for Year of the Ox.


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