Wednesday, January 13, 2021



I am sitting here so upset.  There is a DPN missing from my favorite set of DPN's.  About two months ago, I dropped all 10 signature sock DPN's on the floor.  They scattered pretty good too.  Hubby helped me pick them up and we even moved furniture to make sure we got them all.  I swear I counted all 10 needles when I put them back into my 'special' jar that sits right by my knitting area.

Fast forward to yesterday.  My daughter picked out yarn for me to make her a couple of pairs of Rose City Roller socks.  Since I was going to be at my Son's home most of the day, I decided I would cast on the socks for a traveling project.  I grabbed my DPN's and discovered I only had 9 of them.  I have moved furniture, used a flashlight to help look around inside of the furniture, moved end tables and floor lamps.  NOTHING!  I am so upset.  The needles were a Christmas gift from hubby several years ago.  They are my absolute favorite DPNs.

Yes, I have other DPNs in the same size.  The Signature Needles just feel wonderful and the yarn sits perfectly on them and doesn't slip all over the place.  The best part is, they are made here in the USA!  Now, I can hear you guys wondering why I would be upset with the loss of one needle.  I normally do my socks concurrently on DPN's.  I have tried to do them with 4 needles but find I have ladders in them.  With 5 needles, I never have any laddering.

I sent an email to the company last night to see if there was a possibility of purchasing just 1 needle. They have already replied to my email and yes, I am able to purchase just 1 needle although it was actually 'cheaper' for me to buy another set of 5 than to purchase 1 needle due to shipping costs.  Let me just say, I have worked with this company many times before with questions and they are always extremely polite and so willing to work with their clients.  It is one of the reasons I now own every size of their circular needles too.  Those were another Christmas present from the hubby 2 years ago.  

Do you have favorite tools of your trade?  Have you ever had to replace any part of your favorite tools?  Did it make you sad to do that?

So for now, I will just work on one sock at a time.  Luckily, they are short socks so row counting is not a big deal.  I am loving the yarn my daughter picked out for the socks.

The neon colors make me happy while I am knitting.  It will be fun to see how the 'stripes' line up when the sock is completed.

Hey, speaking of counting rows.  I normally use my phone to keep track of how many rows I have knit.  Unfortunately, there are times I get on a roll and forget to hit the button on my phone as I start a new row.  So, this morning, while I was waiting for a response from the Needle company, I went onto Etsy and found a row counter that made me smile.

Isn't this adorable?  I love the llama on it.  I ordered mine in purple (of course).  I have been wanting one of these for some time.  Now I can count up to 109 rows without turning my phone on.  Sometimes, technology does not work for me.  This is one of those times.

As for decluttering.........I did start on my kitchen.  I still have 2 drawers and 3 cabinets to go through and then it will be completed.  Yesterday, I went through my spice cabinets.  Good grief!  There were so many bottles of spices that were duplicates and unopened ones we will never use.  Those will be going to our local food bank.  I also found spices that had been in there so long they no longer had any 'aroma'.  Those went into the trash.  My spice cabinets look so nice now.  We can actually find spices without having them crash down on our heads.

I am hoping to complete the kitchen this afternoon.  I do not have teen/dog duty today.  Instead, I am taking my BFF to an MRI appointment.  She is severely claustrophobic and has to take valium in order to even go into an OPEN MRI.  Needless to say, we don't let her drive while taking those lovely drugs.  

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Caffeine Girl said...

I sympathize with you on the needle. I also get very attached to my favorite tools. But I'm always glad when it's something replaceable.

I need to do more decluttering, but I'm so tired after work!

HighlandHeffalump said...

Well that is great they have been able to sort your problem...I think you could have got by with 9 temporarily as I assume you do one row at a time on both pairs, but you'd knit 1 row on the first with the 9th needle, then you'd knit the 1 row on the second sock with the 9th needle? In case you wanted to cast on now and not wait for it to arrive. I did my baking drawer in the kitchen and do you know what happened...I ended up baking some chelsea buns with some out of date, flour, yeast, butter, sugar and some salt which I think never goes out of date. I made 9 and there are 5 left...they are delicious lol. I have some muscavado sugar 10 years past its date but it smells fine...albeit hard as a rock...someone said it is nice for making flapjacks so obviously I'm going to keep it for a bit and try hahaha Sweet things are proving much harder to be strict with than herbs and spices were yesterday.