Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Make Space Faster!


Hi.  Hubby and I got quite a surprise today.  This got delivered to us.

This is our Total Gym FIT we had ordered the first of the month.  We were never notified it had shipped.  Therefore, we thought we had time to get our guest room cleaned out to make room for this to be put in there.  SURPRISE!  Is the room ready for this piece of equipment?  No way.  We still have books all over the floor that need to be boxed up.  We have 3/4 of another bookcase to go through and clean out.  There is a photo printer and the stand it is on that needs to be removed from there.  The rag rug from there needs to be rolled up and donated.  There is also an ironing board that needs to find a new home in the house.   I am waiting for the new lamps to be delivered so we can slide the futon back against the wall again.  (The electrical outlet is behind the futon)  THEN it will be ready for this to be set up in there.

So, why did we not work on that room today?  We decided to put our attention elsewhere.  Today, our state opened up appointments for people over the age of 65 to receive the Covid vaccine.  That opened at 9am today.  Hubby and I both were trying for over an hour to contact them via phone and also through the state health website.  By 10:30 we decided to give it a rest and proceed with other things.  I had 3 loads of laundry from the guest room bed to do so they could be put away until needed.  There needed to be a loaf of bread made also.   Hubby needed to go and get his allergy shot and run a few errands for me.  

While hubby was gone, I tried one more time to make appointments for us to get the Covid vaccine.  SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!  That being said, the appointment we have is at 1:30 in the morning and is almost an hour away from our home.  Hubby and I don't care.  We have been waiting for it to open up for our group so we could get the vaccine and help with the herd immunity.

Many folks think we are guinea pigs by taking it.  I like what my 'friend' Kim said.  "I am not a guinea pig, I am a pioneer".  We have done quite a bit of research on the vaccine as well as talked to several physicians and pharmacists.  We feel comfortable getting the injection.  There are several people in our immediate family that think we are crazy.  That is fine.  Everyone needs to make the decision they feel is best for them.

After I got the appointments made, I got the loaf of bread in the oven and continued working on the laundry.  The bedding I was washing was flannel sheets and a comforter.  Washing them was not an issue.  It was getting them dried.  It took 3 hours for the sheets and 3 hours for the comforter!  But, they are done, folded up and put away.  Phew!

Hubby got home from the store and presented me with chicken breasts, ground beef and t-bone steaks that needed to be vacuum sealed and frozen.  While I was doing that, hubby went back out to Home Depot to buy boxes so we had a way to transport all the books to their respective charity sites.  

Tomorrow, we will finish up the bookcases, box up the books, finish off decluttering the guest room and get our equipment set up in there.  That will give us the rest of the week to kick back and decide what room we will do next.  I am teen/dog watching next week so hubby will be in charge of the decluttering next week.

For dinner tonight, we will be making taco salad.  I prefer this over 'regular' tacos.  Hubby prefers 'regular' tacos.  So, we go back and forth each time we make 'tacos'.  What's for dinner at your house?

Until next time..................................................................  


  1. so glad you are getting the vaccine! I am scheduled in a few weeks :) My husband has to wait since he's so healthy, lol. Love the gym showing up unexpectedly - the shipping and mail is so upside down.

  2. 1:30 in the morning? That's interesting! The age hasn't dropped down to our bracket yet here, so I guess I don't know that we won't be offered a "graveyard shift" appt. I just never would have thought! All reports are it's going smoothly here so far. I hope that continues.

  3. My folks had their vaccine last week and most of my friends parents have had theirs too or due in the next phase. Rollout has been going smoothly it seems. How exciting to have this new gym equipment, sounds like you have a good plan if where it is going and what needs to get done. I was supposed to do the utility room today but we had fresh snowfall and that distracted me and then I did some weaving whilst looking at the snowy scenery.

  4. Looks like an interesting piece of equipment.


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