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Wednesday, December 30, 2020



Well, we all know 2020 has not been our favorite year, right?  There are only 32 more hours left in this year.  THANK GOODNESS.

Yesterday I informed you my son in law tested positive for Covid-19.  Just to clear things up, this is not Josie's dad.  This is my daughter's husband.  They do not have any children but have gifted us with 4 grand dogs.  He still feels craptastic and is not happy that he is not being allowed to just stay in bed all the time.  My daughter is making him get up every few hours to walk about the house to keep him working his lungs.  She is also forcing fluids down him and making him take his temperature in the morning and evening.  In other words.............he is a horrible patient!  

To make things even more fun for the end of this year..................I went to the Doctor today.  I was pretty sure I knew what was wrong with me and darn it, I was right.  I have shingles!!!!  But wait, there's more.  I have it in two different spots.  One area is on the right side of my abdomen and the other is on the middle of my spine.  The Doctor was impressed.  I wasn't.  So now I am on Anti-Viral drugs for the next week.  OK, I can hear y'all saying "why didn't you take the shingles vaccine".  Because, it is a live vaccine and the drugs I was on for RA would not allow me to take a live vaccine.  Heck, I wasn't even allowed to take the flu or pneumonia shot while on that medication.  Don't worry, I took the flu shot and pneumonia shot this year.

I am not in a huge amount of pain. It is uncomfortable and it itches.  The Dr told me to use Hydrocortisone cream on it and that is helping quite a bit.  (sigh)  I really can not complain too much.  My health has been pretty great for several years.  This is just a little hiccup along the road of life.

Other than that, life is pretty normal around here.  I did a load of laundry, fed Arthur, worked some more on my new journal, talked to our son who lives in TX, prepared items to be returned to Amazon and have worked on the Havana blanket.  See?  Normal day.

I will be back to blog on Sunday.  For the next few days I want to kick back and just watch this year fade into the sunset.

Until next year............................................................. 


  1. Well that is frustrating to have shingles at the end of what has already been a challenging year. I hope 2021 is a happy and healthy one for you and your family.

  2. So sorry you got a bout of shingles to help you see the year out. I'm so glad it's mild and medicine is helping. I know even a minor outbreak can hurt and leave somewhat lasting nerve pain (not forever, but for a while). Hopefully you'll get that knocked down. Hoping 2021 be a much better year for everyone!

  3. Happy New Year Marsha! What a way to start 2021 with shingles! I really hope you heal quickly...that hydrocortisone cream will help! We use that on all bug bites and rashes and it's like magic. Sorry to hear about your daughter's husband...scary stuff!

  4. I double checked just now on line and this latest version of the vaccine - called SHINGRIX - is NOT a live vaccine. You might ask your doctor to be sure. In which case you can receive this vaccine even if you have just had a case of the Shingles. Shingrix is more effective than the previous shingles vaccine and was strongly recommended by our doctor. I think people can contract Shingles more than once so I hope you are medically eligible to receive Shingrix..

  5. Oh, poop on the shingles. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. I had that in my late 20's; dunno how I got it nor why. Get well soon. Love how your daughter is taking care of her man.


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