Tuesday, December 15, 2020


 Another day almost over for me.  Did your Tuesday turn out the way you expected it to?

Mine went well.  My virtual Dr's appt was great.  I even got 'seen' 45 minutes early!  Since I don't have any real complaints, it is just a matter of going over my labs and making sure my meds are still working for me.

I got all my plants watered, my clock wound, banana bread made and even got to do a little straightening in my craft room.  It seems, that is the room where things just get 'dumped'.  Right now, Christmas gifts are in there and need to be wrapped or bagged.  That might be what I will do tomorrow while hubby is in his virtual class again.  He only has a half day tomorrow, so that will be perfect timing for me to wrap things.

My Thanksgiving cactus is going to town in the bud department.

I do not do anything special for this plant.  I water it every 7-10 days and turn it a quarter turn after watering it.  That's it.  I wish I had known how easy these plants are to take care of.  I would have had one a long time ago.  I am kind of keeping my eyes out for a white one now.  

It is just about time to put Arthur back in the fridge.  He got fed today (sourdough starter) but I am not ready to use him yet.  Maybe next week will be his turn to shine.

Until next time..............................................


  1. my Christmas cactus is in our bathroom (a non Holly room) and it's blooming! I am excited about that!!

  2. I love your Christmas cactus. I had one for years but when we had the ice storm I lost it along with all my plants. i have a few but I'm slowly getting rid of anything that requires maintenance! I'll be next! LOL! Now that I have the present sent out I am working on getting the house clean and organized. Yes, the crafts room is a dumping ground for me too! Keep up the good work!

  3. Mine too! It's is flowering so prettily since Thanksgiving.


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